5 Best Methods To Make Your Sleep Better

5 Best Methods To Make Your Sleep Better

When it comes to sleep at night, any of us must to struggle with twists and turns. This situation can not significantly or instantly affect your health. However, it could be a whole different story if you find it extremely difficult to get to sleep as it might considerably affect your physical and mental health in the long terms. It is always good idea to consult doctors to find a way out in the first place for the advice and medicine to take, if any.

However, if it is inconvenient to pay your doctor a visit, you can totally make use of some natural home remedies or traditional tips to get you to sleep easier. The best parts of applying these methods is that it leaves no side effects as well as it can fit right in for people of all ages, even your child.

Given below are some of the simplest methods and home remedies that can efficiently help you to solve the question of How to sleep Better, especially at night. These are widely proven to be effective that work for almost every one.

  1. Warm Milk

Drinking milk before bed should be the priority on the list of ways that help you to sleep better, especially a warm cup milk. It is the high concentration of amino acid and tryptophan in milk that can get you back to sleep easier as it works as effective tool to turn compounds into serotonin. Serotonin, in fact has been proven to work wonders to enhance function of the brain and therefore, could put you in the best mood before heading to bed.

Another reason making milk is a brilliant idea is that it can also generate more of melatonin compounds in your body, which is found as one of the greatest properties helping you to reduce stress. Stress-free is also another good way to help you to have a good night sleep.

All you need to is to only drink a cup of milk before sleep at least 30 minutes. Remember to wash your teeth after that or you might end up getting some dental diseases.

  1. Almonds

The idea of chewing on some foods before going to bed always get you back to sleep easier and adored by many people. It is more of an indulging way for your body than a home remedy to treat a health issue. Among healthy foods, one of the most effective and popular ingredient you can go for is almonds.

These seeds are packed with magnesium, an essential property that can change your daily cycle as alert adrenalin into the rest and digest one. Besides, this ingredient can control your blood sugar level without leaving side effects. This good source of almonds should be made use of wisely to help you out of trouble getting to sleep.

Similar to milk, you can eat a handful of almonds one hour before sleep, ideally after your meal. This is guaranteed to solve the problem of sleep instantly.

  1. Exercise

Doing some workouts can work for sleeping problem might come as a surprise for some people. However, it actually helps while you practice a little exercise daily after getting up and before bed time. This is found as one of the greatest ways that help you to be in good mood all day and avoid lots of stress, which are factors triggering sleepiness.

You can do yoga, walking with suitable time and speed before bed and already see positive result in just one week.

  1. Reading

Another simple tip to get you to sleep easier is reading before bed. There’s nothing too fancy here as reading keeps your eyes and your brain works and as the time goes by you already feel the urge to sleep.

Another reason for this is that sleep is also regarded as a method of meditation and relaxed rituals to keep your mood balanced, especially after a long working day.

Anything would work in this situation as you can read your favorite books, magazines or even you kindle-buddy.

  1. Comfortable Bed

A comfortable and hygiene mattress and pillows are found as one of the deciding factors that ensure your good night sleep. You spend at least 8 hours a day on them, therefore, it is wise if you can spend more on them so that you will feel it is easier to get to sleep. This can also help you to stay away from skin problems such as acne skin, skin rashes and so forth.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Lily is a certified nutritionist from American Society for Nutrition. She has four-year college education in Exercise, Nutrition and Health and currently completing a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Columbia University in the City of New York. After many years of helping people to improve their health as well as physiques, Lily is now working with a number of professional athletes and celebrities.

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  1. A good night’s sleep is the best way to a productive day.I personally love reading as a preventive routine regularly

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