Wall Décor – Some Superb Options to Create an Impact

Wall Décor – Some Superb Options to Create an Impact

Undoubtedly, wall décor is the most vital category of interior design and décor. Interiors tend to look really bland and boring unless there are some really striking elements on the wall to liven them up.

Wall décor typically receives the maximum attention of both interior decorators as well as homeowners because it catches the eyes of onlookers very easily and creates a lasting impression on their minds. Unless you get your wall décor right, it can be very difficult to get the feel of the space correct.

It doesn’t really matter whether the space is the bedroom, the living room or even the corridors, you can get them to buzz with the right option of alluring wall décor.

Tough To Execute But Well Worth the Rewards

If you do not have a very good eye for interior design, it can be an extremely tough thing to choose the appropriate wall décor for your home. This is because the choices available in material and style are limitless. You need to bear in mind that your selection can lift the space to a completely different level or send it crashing down to something that is completely gauche. Your wall décor can not only change the ambiance of the room but also give visitors a preview of your personality and taste.

Even the residents of the house will revel in the added warmth, peace, and happiness that permeate the home when the wall décor has been done right. The good thing about wall décor is that it is very simple to switch or replace according to the trends and even as per your whims and fancies. Some great ideas that you may want to explore:


There is nothing quite like family photographs for a choice of home wall décor since they can truly represent who you and your family members are. There is so much you can do; you can put up a large collage of photographs on a wall or even a set of artistic photo prints that can act as a reflection of your personal style. There is a great variety available in the types of frames available and you can also hang them in so many different ways for a striking impact.

The best way of displaying photographs is to hang them a little above the eye-level as this makes viewing them easier. You can use black and white or sepia prints to great effect to create an atmosphere of history.


While tile art has been around in places of religious worship and public monuments since time immemorial, these have come into vogue quite recently in residential properties. Since glazed tiles are quite tough and can withstand heat and moisture very well, you can use them to great effect in kitchens and bathrooms.

If you have a wall, either inside or outside your home, you can dress it up completely with tiles or even execute a striking piece of mosaic art that will not fail to draw attention. Because of the virtually limitless choice in color and texture of tiles, the opportunities of doing up your wall are also endless.

Wall Clocks

Mankind has always had a great fascination for telling the time. They have found myriad ways of decorating walls with devices that tell the time. While it may not be practical for you to erect a grand sundial in your home, you can always hang an elegant wall clock that will work to draw the eyes towards it.

Since the clocks themselves are found in an abundance of shapes and styles, you can always find one that is suitable for the space you have in mind, be it the kids’ room, the living room, the library or the study. The choice of materials is also vast, ranging from wood to plastic, iron, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, and much more.


One of the biggest advantages of using mirrors on your wall is that they can immediately make a space look much larger that what it is, and that too in great style. Just like photographs or paintings, you can choose to hang mirrors in a variety of ways. The way you hang them along with their size can really change the way a room or space looks.

You can show your refined taste by having the mirrors framed in various metals, wood, plastic, etc. Depending upon the space, you can even leave them bare and unframed so that they blend into the wall surface. The wonderful thing about using mirrors is that you can have them custom made to the size that works best for your home.

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