Here’s How The Internet Can Help You Repair Your Car For Less!

Here's How The Internet Can Help You Repair Your Car For Less!

We all know how the World Wide Web is a great resource accessible to all. Within seconds, we can have all kinds of useful information at our fingertips. As a car owner, you can also use the Internet to help you repair your vehicle.

Yes, that’s right! Using your Web browser and an Internet connection, you can fix your car. You might think that’s brilliant, but there’s another benefit to the Web. You can repair your car for less than you would at a conventional garage!

So, just how can the Internet help you repair your car for less? Let me share with you just a small selection of examples to give you an idea:


The world’s top video sharing website is a brilliant place to learn about fixing cars. You can find out about general repairs that you can do to any vehicle. And you can even learn how to diagnose and fix issues specific to your car!

Because YouTube is a public website, you can view any car repair videos for free. Most of the videos get uploaded by car enthusiasts while some get produced by mechanics. So, if you ever have a problem, and you want to save money fixing it yourself, check out YouTube first!

Haynes website

In some rare cases, you might not find out what you need to know from YouTube. Should that happen, another step you can take is to visit the Haynes website. As you know, Haynes is a publisher of automotive repair manuals.

Downloading content related to your vehicle from their website is possible. Although you’d have to pay for it, the cost is cheaper than getting a mechanic to diagnose and fix any problems.

Mobile repairs

If you’ve discovered an issue with your car, you may not have the tools or skill to complete the repair. What happens if you can’t drive your car to a mechanic? The good news is you can have mobile repairs carried out wherever you are!

For example, a mechanic can come out and remove a snapped cylinder head bolt for you. Mobile tyre fitters could come out and replace your rubber if someone vandalised them. You can even have wheel refurbishers come out to repair your alloys.

It’s often more cost-effective to get mobile repairs carried out on your car. That’s because such providers have low overheads (i.e. no workshop and less staff to pay). The Internet makes it easy to find and compare providers in your area.

Spare parts websites

Let’s assume that you have diagnosed a problem, and you know how to fix it. Part of the repair process will involve replacing one or more parts. You contact the local dealer affiliated with your car’s brand. After your phone call, you need to sit down because of the astronomical prices quoted!

The good news is your local dealership isn’t the only place to source parts. In fact, if you do a quick Google search, you’ll unearth a whole host of online parts suppliers. Most firms will let you buy parts online and have them delivered to your door. Some even have local stores where you can arrange collection in person.

Thanks for reading today’s article. I hope it helps you save some money!

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