Here’s Why An Apple iPad Should Be Part Of Your Car Repair Toolkit

The Apple iPad is arguably one of the world’s best-selling tablet devices. These days, you can buy them in various sizes and specifications. For once, the masses can now afford an Apple gadget that suits their budget!

Most people use their iPad to play games, check emails and do some work. Others use their devices to watch videos or stream music to their Bluetooth Hi-Fis.

Here's Why An Apple iPad Should Be Part Of Your Car Repair Toolkit

What you might not know is that you can use the humble iPad to help you maintain and repair your car! Here are some examples of how the Apple iPad can become an essential item in any DIY home mechanic’s toolkit:

Repair Manuals

The Apple iPad is a brilliant device for storing and reading documents and books. Believe it or not, it’s a practical tool for keeping and referring to workshop manuals.

It doesn’t matter if you need Chrysler repair manuals or Ford service books. You can store them all on your iPad for offline use when you need them. Now there’s no reason to buy and store physical books in your home. At least, where your car gets concerned anyway!

Augmented Reality

If you’re new to car maintenance, you might not be sure how to locate various parts in your auto. Sure, a service manual might give you some diagrams to help you find them. But, they aren’t always clear or concise.

A better option is to use an augmented reality app. This is where you use the iPad’s rear camera and “point it” at your motor. Overlaid on top of the live image will be details of what each part does. So, if you need to locate your starter motor or alternator, you’ll know where it is!

Fault Diagnosis

We all know that today’s vehicles have an electronic “brain” that controls them. As you might imagine, they are complex systems that do plenty of behind the scenes work.

If the ECU or Engine Control Unit detects a fault, you’ll know about it. How? Because a warning lamp will illuminate on your dashboard. The thing is, it won’t tell you what the problem is or what’s causing it. To do that, you need to use diagnostic equipment to carry out a repair.

The typical method would be to have a shop read the error codes for you. They have devices that plug into your car’s OBD-II or diagnostic port. The good news is you can save money by reading those error codes yourself!

Aside from your iPad and an OBD-II app, all you need is an inexpensive Bluetooth OBD-II adapter. Your iPad can then communicate with the car wirelessly. Aside from reading fault codes, you can also view and test the state of various engine functions.

Remote Control

Today’s modern cars allow you to control various aspects from a distance. You can do things like start the engine and turn on the air conditioning. Other handy functions include remote headlight switch-on facilities.

One can download iPad apps that let them do various remote control functions on their cars. Even if the car and the owner are some miles away from each other!

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