Colleges Affiliated to Switzer Hospitality Education

Colleges Affiliated to Switzer Hospitality Education

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As an education centre, you are obliged to spread the knowledge to other institutions. Most schools and education centers are investing in this with the aim of selling their brands and growing their revenue scales. Hospitality is not limited to one country and has been shown to be a lucrative industry.

Therefore, international colleges are setting up branches or partnering with other schools to offer their teaching modules for the best individuals and graduates in the hospitality industry. Switzer Hospitality Education centre has affiliated with the following institutions:

Les Roches Marbella

This is s modern campus in Spain’s Costa del Sol. It is very accessible from the airport and offers a favorable international environment to students from all over the globe. Multicultural interaction is encouraged and the college is ranked as the leading Hospitality school in Spain. It has also received accreditation from the Commission of  institutes of Higher Education thus this is the best place for you to grow your dreams in the hospitality industry.

Les Roches Switzerland

The Swiss are known for their hospitality and you can indulge in their eclectic sceneries by taking a hospitality course in Les Roches Switzerland.  The college boasts of a high number of graduates with job placements before or immediately after their graduation. They have a high number of alumni and approximately 95 nationalities are present at any one time in the university. With such incredible success, you should pursue your hospitality or hotel and business administration course in this university.

Italy and France are inclose proximity to the Les Roches University in Bluche and this makes it a suitable place if you love travelling and would like to experience other cultural and modern hospitality traditions.

Les Roches Jin Jang

The Switzer Hospitality Education system has been spread to chine. Being among the leading economic giants in the world, there is need for an ardent hospitality industry. This gap has been filled with this college offering the best hospitality courses in China.

The language used in the school is English thus making it easy for international/ foreign students to learn and eventually get jobs elsewhere or in China.

Glion London

Among the best internationally renowned hospitality institute that is ranked as the leader in hospitality and hotel management training. They have the best learning resources and students get to acquire practical skills through internships in the best hotels and restaurants. Hospitality management colleges London have a rich cultural diversity necessary for success in all fields and especially the hotel industry.

Glion Switzerland

You can also experience great hospitality training in the most hospitable country when you take courses at the Glion University in Switzerland. The life in Switzerland could be a little expensive but you will be assured of high quality service and education standards. They offer the best hotel management courses.

Kendall College

Located in the US, they have partnered with the Switzer Hospitality Education to provide the best hospitality management training courses and training to students. They offer online based and campus based schooling to all interested students. They are also internationally renowned.

In conclusion, you can visit any of the above institutions for the best hospitality training and hotel management courses.

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