Advice from Hollywood – Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Men

Advice from Hollywood - Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Men

Generally men do not wear a lot of jewelry. This should not be taken to mean that they are not allowed to spend a good amount of money to get high quality jewelry pieces when they decide to get them. Typically the only jewelry items that men wear are the watches and wedding bands. They can be extremely expensive if you do not know the options that are available for you.

It was not until Forbes Magazine published an article about tungsten carbide wedding bands that men realized that they can actually get very stylish wedding bands at extremely affordable prices.

The best thing about the article is that it presented men to wedding bands that were very masculine. Tungsten is one of the best materials to make premium quality wedding bands for men. It does make wedding bands for women as well.

Here is the interesting part of the whole article; the men who were featured are people everyone knows. The who is who in Hollywood. They were all telling of stories concerning how much they spent buying their wedding bands and why they chose to go tungsten.

Selecting the ideal ring

Here is a piece of advice from the celebrities concerning tungsten rings. They are an amazing option for any man because they give character and accentuate your fashion. On top of that these rings are extremely cheap. When compared to the likes of gold, silver, platinum and others, the tungsten wedding bands are significantly cheaper. You can get a premium quality ring without having to break a bank or go bankrupt in the process. This, they say, is the first thing to consider when buying a wedding band- the metal.

Secondly, men are very disadvantaged when it comes to fashion. Their options are a bit limited compared to those of women. Therefore, when you are shopping for a wedding band you should find one that can be customized to suit your tastes and preferences while at the same time complementing your fiancé’s band. Tungsten carbide does a very good job here.

It is easier to customize compared to other metals. Gold is a soft metal and thus it can be quite difficult to work with sometimes hence the high costs. By customizing the ring you make it even more unique for yourself.

The size of the ring is very important. To start with the ring has to fit properly. You do not want a ring that will keep slipping off every time. At the same time no one wants a ring that chokes their finger. Make sure that you get the right fit. For men, rings are often wider and thicker.

The most popular option as quoted by most men is the 6mm ring. There are those who go for the 8mm option though. The decision is all yours.

In closing, with a tungsten wedding band you can never go wrong. They are among the best bands that are available for your selection in the market today. These bands are cheap, stylish and highly-customizable. If they have caught the attention of celebrities they must be super awesome.

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