Woo….. Another Year of Togetherness

The best thing about anniversary is that it reminds you of all your memories of togetherness, no matter whether you are celebrating one year of togetherness or 20 years. All those little and big things which has shaped your relationship from the days of dating crowds in your mind to refresh you in a better way.

Ladies feel that they are more expressive in conveying their love and that’s why you are pretty excited to shop for the best anniversary gifts for husband. But it’s not the case, actually guys are different from girls and therefore their way of showing love is also different.

Here is a list of fantastic gifts for your husband:

1). When he is getting ready in the morning, place the new wallet you bought in his pocket.

2). Make heart shaped paranthas for breakfast. He would surely be amused on the uncanny side of yours as well as take pride in having you as his better half.

3). Surprise him more by paying a sudden visit to his office premises, with a flower bouquet and a cake. He would be jaw-dropped.

4). Catch up the new movie release in the evening and go for a date just the way you used to do before marriage.

5). Calling up friends, relatives, and family is obvious to celebrate the anniversary party. But you can make it interesting by getting down on your knees and proposing him with a ring in front of everyone. Come on! Who said that this action is meant only for guys? Girls can also do it and for that gut, this gift would always be remembered.

6). You can record a love message and place it in his MP3 list which he normally plays in his car. He would be flattered definitely and your love would come alive again.

7). Plan a vacation to some sea-shore and enjoy a beach holiday. Pack some beach wears to let him know that you are still charismatic.

8). Place some new indoor plants in his home office along with other feng-shui products so that good luck continues to keep you two together.

9). If you are in your 10th, 20th year you can plan it in a massive creative way. As 10 and 20 means crossing decades together, you can select a venue to get married again with all the “tam-jham” aka glitz and glamour of the wedding event.

10). A collage of your best moments together in your bedroom is just the perfect gift to keep yourself in love for years to come.

Love is not a one day affair and of course marriage is the conclusion of love, but sometimes, spark is also required to keep each other attracted to each other. What matters is what you achieve after gifting these astonishing best anniversary gifts for husband.

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