Smart Watches – Smartness Everywhere

Smart Watches - Smartness Everywhere

In the era of Digital World, Where people are intrigue in living a Smarter life from Smart Phones, Smart TV, Smart Cars, Smart Classrooms & even Smart Cities to recently launched Smart watches- booming this year & selling like Hot Cakes!


This newly launched wearable tech is a cool concept & enables the user to perform various functions of Smart Phones through the Wrist Band. Smart watches co-operate with an app in Smart Phones paired through Bluetooth mainly 4.0 version. These are especially designed with multiple features which release your arms from stressing.


Sometimes checking your Phone in Social Gathering or any important meeting looks indecent, So you can get access to various important notifications with regards to messages (either text or Multi-media), emails or even calls right on your wrist!


Travelling anywhere becomes an ease as one can reach to its location by tracking proper direction through navigation.

These watches customize various apps which makes your life easy from booking flights, shopping & much more. Other features include Voice Search option, Calculator, Accelerometer & Scheduler.

It is also supported with Portable Media Player that can connect with Wireless Headset via Bluetooth, WiFi or GPS. Some Smart Watches are adaptable to both Android & iOS.

You can opt for various wearable picks available in market either for reliability, for Sporty Purpose or just for Grandeur.


People who are more of fitness Conscious & wants to stay in shape, than Activity tracker or Fitness tracker is a great option for you. This is usually designed to keep a track on your day-to-day Athletic performance. It is highly Cost-Efficient, Lighter& Durable enough for Outdoor Sports, Training & Diving.


Fitness Tracker & Smart Watch have different features. Smart watches are generally developed to work with platforms like iOS & Android while fitness trackers are supported with features like accurate step counting, reliable sleep tracking or 24/7 heart rate tracking etc. Available in different colors & Shapes like round, Rectangular or Square for your comfort.


Buying any wearable is not an easy option. One should consider certain things before opting:

Waterproof picks are a good alternative for swimmers or anyone who indulge in any other water activity. If it’s not waterproof, than damage to your device is for sure.

Your smart watch should also be supported with good Battery life. Basically, Battery life lasted for minimum 1 or 2 or maximum 7 days for Smartest. But there are few models available in the market with good battery life up to 365 days. If it is long-lasting,than surely missing some of its features.

These smart watches are budget friendly ranged from Simple to Expensive one –Below 5000 to Above 20,000.

Smart watches are a great pleasure now-a-days. But at least at this Development Stage, smart watches are not meant for everyone.

However there is more chances of fitness tracker to be replaced by smart watches in an upcoming year.  If smart watches starts providing in-built fitness tracker, Wearable Tech market will definitely boom on the spur of moment. Results in higher marketing perspective & great profit to its Manufacturers.

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