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Making money off the internet sounds like a dream to you? Well, you’re in the wrong “dream” man wake up! The internet “does” pay, and no you don’t need to deal with rocket science either!

Infact that is what my this post will be explaining to you, how you can make money just by shortening URL’s, or in best case scenario, doing nothing at all!

So yeah I’m writing this review on the URL shortener service:-! Infact let me call it “THE” URL Shortener, because it took URL shortening and making money up a notch, i other words it has got so many advanced, super advanced features that you won’t believe it’s just a URL shortening service.

What You Need to Make Money with!

You must be wondering this is another blog monetization service, right? Well you are wrong! The best thing about is you don’t need a blog/ website to make money with it.

All you have to do is, “Shorten URL’s” and get them clicked! So if you have as much as a Social media account too, you’re up for it! Just share the link you shortened using, and make a handsome fat wallet!

You got internet? You got Twitter, GooglePlus, or a Website? Even having one of these can start churning money for you, forever! So yeah that’s all you need.

How to Make Money with!

Create a free account by going to right now! (Do it right now, and you can come back and read this stuff later!)

Just head over to, click on join.

Fill out the basic info (nothing very personal asked) and you’re all set!

So now you’re a member? Congratulations! Let’s work around how to make the dough roll in.

Advanced Tools Which Help You Make Money on! is all equipped with enough tools to make the monetization thing easier for you. All you have to do, yeah all in all is share the links wherever possible!

The links get clicked, and you make money no rocket science there.

Shortening URLs:- Well as I already said,  just use the URL shortener at the top of your account to shorten any URL’s. Once you have the short URL’s , promote them any place you like, Facebook groups seem like good options too, and you get paid everytime they get clicked.

Affiliates:- You refer someone to signup at, and would more then happily pay you 20% of whatever that guy earns simple as that!

Isn’t that “free money”? That guy would shorten links, use whatever he wants to and do all the hardwork, all you have to do is, collect the 20% from him.

And the best part is, he gets 100% of his earnings, meaning pays the extra 20% from their own side to you! Now that’s generous of them isn’t it?

Lot’s of Easy Payment Methods:- Don’t have Paypal? No issues, Don’t have even Payoneer? Well don’t worry they have one more option to let you withdraw your hard earned cash, that’s webmoney.

So in short, you won’t ever run out of options to withdraw money from your account as they support:-

  • Paypal (Ofcourse)
  • Payoneer!
  • Webmoney

And you being in the IM industry, there’s just no way that you don’t have either one of them, so yeah makes no fuss about paying you what you’ve earned.

20x More Revenue:- Well yeah, they got a smart little tool that goes by the name Mass Shrinker! What it does is, it shrinks as many as 20 URL’s for you, at a single click.

So yeah, you got 20 different groups, blogs, sites you need monetized? Paste all the links over here, you’ll love the revenue flow! And considering the super high payouts from, I’d say you’re already looking at 100-150$ easily!

Traffic Monetization:- Not interested in URL shortening? Well then don’t!’s Website Script will monetize whole of your site for you.

All you have to do is, copypaste the script on your blog, once done, you’ll start recieving cash in your account for each visitor who arrives! That’s like “100% traffic monetization”, nothing else converts 100%, neither Adsense nor affiliate, but this? This does!

Final Words:-

You are on Social Media without doubt. You post, share and use links there’s no doubt about that either. So hey, why aren’t you cashing out the links?

If you’re going to share links just anyway, why not make some money in the process? Specially when it’s Free, doesn’t cost anything, and pays super awesome for “not doing anything”?

No I’m not saying it will make you a millionaire overnight, but it might just as well pay off your rent, and that extra cup of coffee! Hey guess what, it pays as high as $10.80+/1000 clicks! Still got excuses for not giving it a try?

Join Now and start earning money with your links. Yeah!

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Nisha Pandey

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