15 Travelling Tips for a Summer Vacation

15 Travelling Tips for a Summer Vacation

Planning for a vacation can be one of the most stressing things. Many people do not have the slightest idea of where to begin or even how to plan. It is, even more, stressing when planning for a family travel. Worse still is when there are children, the elderly or sick people that have to be involved in the plan. You have to have in mind the needs of all the stakeholders when planning for a vacation. The summer vacation is the most treasured vacation.

Therefore, many people want to make the best plans that will make it more memorable. This article helps you with some of the tips that you can use to plan for travel on your summer vacation. The tips will help you achieve every bit of your plan and keep you longing for your next vacation.

However, you always need to start planning and preparing while there is still time. Plan early enough and you will not have to rush in the eleventh hour.

This way, you will minimize the chances of making mistakes and forgetting some very important aspects and details.

  1. Save Money

Budget is an important factor for every vacation and travel. It is important to make sure that you save as much as you can for your entire vacation. Remember that you have your life and the bills after vacation. You can save enough by bundling your charges for various aspects of hotel and air travel charges. In addition, avoid ATM withdrawals and purchases using debit and credit cards as much as possible.

  1. Pack Old Underthings

Packing lightly is a good plan for travel. Where possible pack the old garments that you want to get rid of during the vacation. During the entire trip, you might get rid of most of them and make your luggage lesser. This creates more space for some valuable souvenirs that you may acquire throughout your travel.

  1. Carry an Extra Pair of Clothes in a Separate Carry On

A lot of luggage is misplaced during travels. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that you carry at least one extra pair of clothes for everyone in a separate carry-on bag. This could be a lifesaver in case you lose your luggage.

  1. Skin Care Bag

Make sure that you pack all your skin care requirements. The summer may be very harsh on your skin. Remember that you will be spending a lot of your time in the sun. It is at this period that you realize the importance of sunscreen. Sunscreen will help to take care of your skin and protect your skin from the damaging effects of the UV rays.

  1. Think in Body Sections when Packing

It is exhausting to pack everything for every member of the family. However, you can make it very easy by listing the items that you need by approaching it according to the different body parts. Make a list for you and the kids and go ahead and cross item by item as you pack. This way you will manage to save a lot of time and avoid forgetting some things.

  1. Keep the children Occupied

A bored child can be very annoying and disastrous during travel. To take care of this, make sure that you keep your kids occupied by packing pre-make binders for the children. Make sure that you pack their drawing books and crayons.

  1. Travel Insurance plan

Make sure that you pack a valid insurance plan meant for travel. The plan will cover you incase anything goes wrong during your trip.

  1. Involve the Family

When planning for the entire family, make sure that you involve them when making some decisions. Ask them to come up with some travel ideas and you can reach a conclusive decision together.

  1. Finance plans

It is an unfortunate situation when you run out of stock or cash. You should make a point to call your financial institution and instruct them to authorize your credit card for international holiday purchases.

  1. Pack all the Medications in Excess

For the family members that have health conditions, make sure that you pack their medications in excess to last the time of the travel. Remember to include inhalers because of the dust in the summer.

  1. Sunglasses

Pack a pair of sunglasses for the entire family. Sunglasses are essential to protect the skin around the eyes. Sunglasses will also protect and shield your eyes from the dust that is immense during summer.

  1. A Water Bottle

You need to be hydrated enough during summer. Always make sure that you carry some clean water to drink. A hydrated skin can make it through summer with little effects from the scorching and glaring sun.

  1. Roll up your Clothes

This is good than folding your clothes during a vacation. The summer heat will increase temperatures in the bag and lead to sweating. This may cause creases and folds on your clothes. Rolling up your clothes prevents the folding and wrinkling.

  1. Pack Small Amounts of Concealer and Lotions

Your skin needs better attention during summer. Pack some skin care lotions in contact cases to avoid them melting and soiling your clothes. In addition, remember to carry enough so that you do not run out of lotion during your travel.

  1. Make Prior Arrangements

You cannot afford to get stranded in the scorching sun of the summer. You need to make proper arrangements so that you will be picked up on time and taken to your hotel.


The tips mentioned above will help you to enjoy your vacation. Inadequate preparation may cause frustrations during the summer vacation and this can be disastrous for everyone involved. This includes understanding what your skin will need during the summer and have exactly that available. This will also ensure that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. It is essential for you to do research of the kind of weather in the planned places to visit. This way you will prepare adequately.




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