11 Amazing Tips On How To Impress A Girl For Love

11 Amazing Tips On How To Impress A Girl For Love

The journey to a woman’s heart is no easy excursion. It is often a convoluted path full of maze and puzzles that can bring all your skills to test with a degree that can leave even the most ace gentlemen reeling. Despite the complications it is not an impossible task and through right efforts and practice once can fulfill this seemingly difficult task. Therefore, to help you woo that girl next door and to develop some general skills to impress girls, we bring to you 11 tips that you can follow to impress a girl for love.

  1. Be Open But Not Invasive

Girls tend to be intuitive by nature. They are quite good at observing, guessing and figuring things out. Therefore maintain certain level of accessibility and openness in order to prevent suspicion. Be the type of man who can give her some food for her inquisitiveness but on the same make sure you maintain some mystery so that she stays interested. After all no girl would want to fall for somebody who is confused in love. Maintain the mystery, but there is one a hairline’s worth of difference between being seen as curious and clever or out right crazy.

  1. Stay Natural

This goes in conjunction with the previous point. Never put on a fake persona since she will most probably see through it in minutes. Girls tend to prefer guys who are straightforward and clear about what is going in their mind. Be honest and you will soon realise that you have joined the list of her trustworthy people.

  1. Be Confident Yet Humble

Girls love guys who can take control and charge of their life. This means having the ability to understand their own goals and making an effort to achieve them. But make sure you slowly don’t end portraying a ‘know-it-all’ kind of image of yourself. You might instead end-up creating an arrogant image of yourself which would definitely not leave a lasting impression on her mind.

  1. Don’t Give-in Soon

Just because you are on a quest to impress her does not mean you totally comply to her thinking and ideology.. Maintain your own individuality by having your opinion, which you can politely share with her. You might eventually concede to her point, to prevent hurting her, but at least you said what’s your mind. Girls like guys who can be independent thinkers than habitual nodders.

  1. Maintain An Appreciable Distance

Just because you happen to be good friends does not mean you now have the licence to stalk her wherever she goes. Maintain an appropriate distance from her, which is enough to have a good stable relationship but not so invasive that she gets totally creeped out.

  1. Be Funny, Not Goofy

Every girls loves expects a decent amount of sense of humour in her man. Having a lighter side is quite important since it helps keeping alive the vibrancy in the relationship. But on the same time make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Take her out, watch some romantic movies together, hang out and make her laugh out loud. But always make sure you acknowledge the situation and her feelings before going humorous, otherwise she will start perceiving you has a goofy chap who can’t get enough of his silly jokes.

  1. Speak About Interests

This means sharing your likes and dislikes and making a genuine effort to learn about hers. It is a great way of showing her that you are truly interested in understanding the person she is from inside. But make sure on the same time you don’t get interrogative about it and keep things more towards the casual side of the scale.

  1. Stay Well Groomed

That does not mean dressing-up in a tuxedo every time you head to an outdoor dinner, it just means looking like someone who seems to make bare minimum efforts to stay neat and clean. Girls, in fact,  don’t even mind guys that love sporting a rugged or metro-sexual look as long as they don’t discount basic neatness and stay primmed.

  1. Be Open To Talking About Family

Most guys completely avoid having discussions pertaining to family. While it might seem uncomfortable to share nuances about family, don’t forget if you do so she is going to reciprocate the same thing with maybe twice as much information. This is because girls have a natural tendency to speak and discuss matters about families. Therefore, letting her into your personal zone is going to greatly help in making her feel more comfortable and more connected towards you.

  1. Don’t Speak Bad About Her Family

While it is okay to give opinions and share viewpoints, it is definitely a no-no when coming to the girl’s family. Passing distasteful jokes or insensitive remarks towards her family is the sure shot recipe to make her bid adieu to you. The best general thing to do is that if you have nothing good to say then avoid talking about it at all.

  1. Don’t Rush

Taking things slow is the motto for girls. Yeah, she is attractive but if all you do when you meet her is express your wild fantasies then your relationship is surely going to hit a wall soon. Guys who rush things are immediately perceived as creepy desperate types, with whom no girl would be interested in forging a long term relationship. Instead focus on understanding the person she is from inside.

The more the efforts you put-in to discover her inner beauty, the more you will learn to respect and admire her. And who knows, once she realizes this, she might reciprocate the same and even start deeply adoring you.

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Tejaswi Bhagavatula

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  1. Saverio says:

    Nice article. I would add to point 11, don’t wait too long! If things are going to slow, then you may end up being in the friend zone eventually or you may be being led on. It should take a year to develop a relationship full of love and compassion, and if it does, something is probably off.

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