What to Wear to a Beach Wedding (Infographic)

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding (Infographic)

Worried about what to wear for your beach wedding? Forget the heels and the fancy big dress; go for simplicity and a casual chic vibe. Maybe you could rock a pair of jeweled sandals with a flowery headband instead? Here are some wonderful style ideas to help you choose the perfect look for a beach wedding.

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It’s all about your body shape

 Choosing the right dress that flatters your body shape isn’t easy. Many brides make the mistake of wearing dresses that are completely wrong for the type of body they have. For instance, puffed sleeves and tight-fitting skirts may not be the best look for full-figured brides and brides with V-shaped bodies. Instead, they could go for empire waistlines and deep V-necks that create a balance.


Hourglass-shaped bodies, on the other hand, will rock the figure-hugging skirts or dresses that highlight their figure. If you’re daring enough, you could even try rocking a bikini for a fun beach wedding. Pear-shaped bodies need to ditch sheath-dresses and pleats for off-shoulder dresses or halter necks. You could let your hair down to create balance and channel the casual vibe.

Beach wedding look for grooms

 When it comes to beach wedding attire for grooms, white linen pants with espadrilles or deck shoes are perfect for channel a simple but smart look. If you want something a bit more classic, you could go for black linen pants and black and white boat shoes. Throw a beige summer blazer over a crisp French cuff shirt to complete the look.

Beach weddings are ideal for rocking tailored shorts for a groom. For a chic look, you could pair it with a dark summer blazer and a tailored white shirt that speaks casual and stylish. For the quirky groom, white derby shoes, fun bow ties, and quirky cuff links are ideal for a funky balance between smart and casual.

Whether you wish to go for a semiformal or a casual event, there are plenty of ways you could channel the perfect wedding look.

Find out more beach wedding style tips in the Kaseesh offers Outfit for Parties on Budget (Infographic) below.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding (Infographic)

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