The Art of Sacred Tattooing using Geometric Patterns

The Art of Sacred Tattooing using Geometric Patterns

Tattoos have been a trend since ancient history. Even the ancient mummies were found with the permanent tattoos. Many tribes like Truku of Taiwan and Berbers of North Africa have permanently got their faces inked. The tattoos hold sacred values for several tribes and people in the world. The oldest tattoo was found on the body of Otzi the Iceman who lived between 3370 and 3100 BC. In modern world, since 1970’s tattoos have become a fashion symbol.

People often associate tattoos with sentimental or sacred values. For some, getting inked gives them strength and for others it’s just a matter of style statement. Be it any reason, the tattoo trend has taken the world by a storm and the craze is seen to be increasing day by day.

Yantra tattooing originated in Southeast Asia. This tattooing has sacred symbols that are geometrical and the designs are mostly of animals and deity’s with Pali phrases. These are prayers for fortune, power, protection, etc.

These tattoos are exclusively engraved on the skin by the Thai rishis known as ruesi, wicha practioners and monks with the help of khem sak. This sacred art of tattooing has estimated to be originated some 2000 years ago and it is spread to other parts over centuries. The geometric tattoo designs are also used as meditation symbols for some.

The geometrical designs are said to bring fortune, power and bestows protection to the wearer. Some of the main elements of these geometrical sacred designs are Suea which portrays twin tigers, Ohng Phra which is said to provide guidance and illumination, Si-yot which is said to provide protection, etc.


These sacred tattoos are also today being widely being accepted by Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie and thus have become popular. In some tribes like the Polynesian tribe, these tattoos are made in a special ceremony.

The tattoo designs and the location where they will be made vary from person to person’s genealogy, personal achievements and the ranking of the person in the society. This act of tattooing is considered extremely pious and it is needed to cleanse one’s body before the tattoo is engraved. The most common place where these tattoos are made is on the head as it is considered very pure part of the body.

Some of the finest Geometric Design ideas are:

  • Flower of life: – It is often considered to mean live life to the full.
  • Metatron’s cube: – This tattoo has 13 circles with equal radius. Lines extend from the centre of these circles to 12 more circles. It’s signifies that God made everything.
  • Dodecahedron tattoo: – It is said to be associated with Universe and works though chakras.
  • Turtle Yant: – It is said to bring luck, good health and wealth.
  • Palm Yantra: – It is said to bring power to the bearer.

Geometric tattoos

The geometric designs used in these tattoos are said to symbolize various things like, the earth is depicted by a cube, air by an octahedron, water by icosahedrons, fire by tetrahedron and dodecahedron symbolizes Aether.

These tattoos are a great piece of Mathematics and Physics as well, and they create a bridge between the two beautifully. Many beings of the world like some flowers and species are said to be made in a golden ratio.

These tattoos are creative, celebrate Maths and Physics and these are made by using intricate patterns which have deeper and hidden meanings. On a very different note, these tattoos look beautiful on the body and most heads are sure to turn when you decide to wear these tattoos.

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