How to Impress Him on Your First Valentine’s Date

How to Impress Him on Your First Valentine’s Date

One of the world’s most overrated days, Valentine’s Day, is around the corner: you can actually smell it. This is the day when people try to show their loved ones exactly how much they cherish, treasure, value and adore them. This is why you are probably somewhere trying to come up with the best idea that will leave your partner awed and not disappointed. It is especially so if this is your very first Valentine’s day together.

You remember what they told you about first impressions, right? Now that he has gone through the trouble of setting the date; you must also work on your side. You must come up with a stunt that will leave him completely mesmerized: a date he will live to remember. This will have to go beyond the usual flowers. I mean, he wouldn’t be very excited about roses would he?

So how do you make that date exemplary for him?

  1. Dress up

You must have heard this umpteenth time, but it is a fact worth emphasizing: men are visual. You may harbor the best of feelings for that man, but all that will be nothing if you turn up for the date looking like you slept in some ditch. This is why you should take your time to dress up. Take them to conceal all those flaws on your face especially the dark circles under the eyes.

I mean, which man would want to be seen in the company of a lady who looks like she is 90 and ailing?  Yes? Also, remember to put on a flattering dress probably one he loves. Choose a dress that is well fitting; that shows skin enough to keep him guessing but not one that is slutty or indecent.

  1. Surprise him

If he has laid out a planned date, purpose to bring in some spice into what he had already planned. You can interrupt him in the middle of the conversation with a kiss or just a love message hidden in his food. If you are daring enough, you can scream for all souls to hear, even the dead just how much you love him.

You can also write an original message on a napkin and have it delivered to him in the course of the date. Better yet, you can offer to foot the bill. Remember you are trying to make a lasting impression that will make him want to spend all his remaining valentine’s days with you.

  1. Get him a gift

Just like women, men also like receiving gifts to show them how much they are treasured. Being your maiden valentine’s day together, you should seek to give him a gift that he will hold dear. You don’t want to give him flowers that he will throw away in three days or chocolates that he will munch in an instant. Go for a manly item, probably one that has been on his wish list for a while.

You can get him a trendy watch, a play station, an iPod or anything that you know he will fancy. You can even ask for hints days in advance. A thoughtful gift will make him feel that he is grooving with a girl who cares for him and also one who is ready to reciprocate love and not one who is there with arms wide open just to receive.

  1. Make time for him

If he happens to take you out on Valentine’s Day, at least, reward him with some attention. Try not to keep him waiting and for heaven’s sake, listen to him. This date is not the time for you to keep running to the washrooms to ensure your makeup is intact and that your facial wrinkles are not visible.

You should ensure that you are well groomed before you leave the house; switch off your phone and just make that moment about the two of you. And no, you shouldn’t keep updating your girlfriends on your progress via text messages. You mind, body and soul should be fully engrossed at the moment.


If this Valentine’s Day is the first with your man, you will need to put your best foot forward and impress him tremendously. You should not just sit there and expect him to be the man he is and treat you.

You should also spoil him. After all, love is supposed to be two-way. Thus, it would be prudent for you to go out of your way and show him that you are the woman he has been missing all this while. If you incorporate a few ideas discussed above, you will be able to give him a day that he will never forget. Make it the day when someone will feel overly important and loved.




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