3 Stylish Ways to Deal With Hair Loss

3 Stylish Ways to Deal With Hair Loss

We women view our hair as an integral part of our identities. Starting at a young age, our hair serves as a resource with which we can express our personal style and preferences, so when medical conditions or other influences cause our tresses to fall out, it can be tough to get used to.

However, chemo hair loss may just be an opportunity for us to explore a whole new side of our identities. Here are some ways we can embrace the change and forge a new hair path.

(Wrap It in Fashion)

One of the simplest ways to deal with hair loss is to experiment with different head coverings. This approach is ideal because it works whether you are just starting to lose your locks or whether it’s mostly gone.

Headscarves are extremely popular for adding a stylish look while also keeping your head warm and covering your scalp. There are endless fabrics and prints available for scarves, and that doesn’t even include the multiple ways that the scarves may be wrapped or knotted.

Hats are another good choice with an array of available styles that almost rivals that of scarves. Hats can be fitted, sassy, colorful, or customized for a real personality play. From beanies to baseball caps and everything in between, headgear is an opportunity to express something to the world about your private style.

(A New Persona)

Many women with hair loss love to wear wigs. They are not right for everyone, but most women enjoy the ability to put on a whole new persona with a wig in a color or style that is not something they’d normally wear. Wigs come made with human hair or synthetic hair, and each has its own selling points.

Plus, how many women get the convenience of being able to easily style the tresses on the back of their heads? While the rest of us struggle to create the hairdo we want, wig wearers can do it quickly.

They also have the option to change their look from day to day or even hour to hour. Women who suffer from hair loss that affects their eyebrows and eyelashes may coordinate their penciled-on brows with the color of their wigs.

(Own It)

Finally, plenty of women are completely comfortable embracing their natural scalps, whether they are covered with hair or not. If super short hair is an option there are ways to care for thin and damaged hair, or style it accordingly. Others choose to take the plunge and wear shaved scalps out on the town. The look of a bald pate empowers many women and imparts a strength that they find refreshing.

Still others have gone the route of getting scalp tattoos with tribal designs, inspirational sayings, or even artwork that looks like hair. Because the hair likely will grow back in the case of chemo patients, the tattoo option is a powerful choice that eventually will be covered back up.

Suffering from hair loss can be a major challenge for us women, but with some creativity and innovation, it can be less difficult overtime. We can grab hats or scarves or wigs to cover up, or we can go full exposure.

No matter which option we choose, it should be one that makes us feel comfortable and happy with our appearance. As Dolly Parton says in the movie “Steel Magnolias,” the hair we were born with was only a suggestion.

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