What Your Bed May Be Doing to Your Back

What Your Bed May Be Doing to Your BackHave you ever gone to bed late at night, achy and just craving the relief of lying down, only to wake up and find that your back hurts even worse?

If you suffer from chronic or periodic back pain that is worse when you wake up, your mattress may be to blame.

The mattress is something taken for granted by most people. Unless there is a reason, it is seldom replaced.

If you have the following symptoms, your bad bed may be to blame.

Pain that is Worse in the Morning

We already mentioned that back pain that is worse when you wake up is a definite indication that you need a new mattress. This is often caused by sleeping on an uncomfortable, unsupportive mattress all night.

Spinal Misalignment

Sometimes, when you bend a certain way, it can be quite painful. This is often caused by misalignment of the spine. This can be adjusted by a chiropractor- but it would be more effective to nip it in the bud and buy a new bed. Spinal misalignment is caused by poor support of the spine as you sleep.

If you cannot afford a new mattress right away, try putting wood slats under your bed for extra support.

Pinched Nerves

If your bed does not offer enough support, your spine may twist and turn as you roll throughout the night. In addition to pain and spinal misalignment, this can cause pinched nerves, which often happen when two discs trap a nerve between them. The pressure that is exerted can be quite painful. Additionally, there is little relief for a pinched nerve, except healing.

Back Injury

The way that you get in and out of bed can also have an effect on your spinal health. If you drop onto the bed or flop down, it can cause the spine to turn, twist, or even fracture. This can be quite problematic, especially if it turns into a long-term issue. Use a plank motion to roll onto your mattress to avoid this type of injury.

Replacing Your Mattress

Over time, the materials in your mattress will begin to break down. This causes less support for your back and a lot more pain. As a rule of thumb, most beds will need to be replaced about every eight years to prevent this. Here are some considerations that you should make to improve your back health as you make a decision about which mattress to purchase.

Firm vs. Soft

Nobody has determined which may be better for all people with back pain. It is something that should be suited to your individual preference.

Foam vs. Inner-Spring

The two most common types of mattresses either are filled with foam or inner-spring. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each before you make your purchase. You could also consider a water bed if you choose.


When you are mattress shopping, do not pay too much attention by the word orthopedic. While some of the beds labeled as orthopedic can benefit your back, most are sold under this term as a marketing gimmick.

Money Back Guarantee

As you are mattress shopping, be sure to work with a company, like lull, who offers at least a 30-day money back guarantee. This is especially important if you do not know whether you need a hard or soft bed, or if you are unsure of what materials your mattress should be.

This way, if you are sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks and do not notice relief of your back pain symptoms, you are not obligated to keep the mattress.

Kate Stefanski, a professional student and freelance writer knows the importance of a good night’s rest. She enjoys sharing sleep remedies with her audience. If you would like to learn more about Kate, you can check out her google+ profile.

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