Want to See Adele’s Concert?

Want to See Adele’s Concert?

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Have you been dreaming of seeing Adele in concert, but cannot find affordable tickets or the concert is too far away? The good news is that no matter which venue is close to you, you will be able to find no fee concert tickets.

In March through June 2016, Adele will be in Europe at such locations as Belfast, UK; Dublin, Ireland; Manchester, UK; Greenwich, UK; Glasgow, UK; Birmingham, UK; Stockholm, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; Herning, Denmark; Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Cologne, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; Lisbon, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain; Verona, Italy and Amsterdam Netherlands, to name a few.

Adele’s last concert in Europe will end at Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium on Wednesday, June 2015.

Next Adele will be off to the United States where you can still find Adele tickets without fees such as at FeeFreeTicket.com. Her first concert in the United States, Canada, and Mexico begins at St. Paul, Minnesota on July 5. Other concerts in the US include Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Seattle, WA; San Jose, CA; Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Auburn Hills, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Manhattan, NY; and Montreal, QC, Canada, among others.

Her last concert in North America will be at the Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico on Tuesday November 16.

Anyone that loves Adele will certainly not want to miss out a concert that comes close to your home especially when you can get concert tickets with no service fee. Of course, you will want to get your concerts as early as you can so you can get the seats that are as close to the stage as possible.

Buying your tickets in advance will ensure that you will be the perfect position to see and hear Adele sing some of your most famous songs along with new songs you have not heard until the concerts.

Who knows when Adele will have another concert and if she will travel to the locations that are close to your hometown? This may be your last chance to see Adele in person and enjoy seeing her in person. Adele has earned 21 announcements in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A few of these include that she was the very first female in all of history to have three songs on the Billboard Hot 100 along with being in the top 10 singles that were based on being the lead artist.

She was also the very first woman artists to have two albums on the top five of Billboard 200 along with two singles at the same time on the top five of the Billboard Hot 100.

Not only is an accomplished artists but she is loved around the globe for her wonderful talent of song writing and singing.

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