Top Benefits of PPSR you need that you need to know right now

In the growing Australian economy, loans and collaterals are a big part of both personal life and the corporate world. Thousands of transactions involving personal properties security are processed every single day.

Unfortunately, this also means that fraudulent transactions become more and more frequent.

Top Benefits of PPSR you need that you need to know right now

This leads to companies not being able to collect loaned money, resulting to individuals having a hard time getting loans because of the proliferation of reluctant loaning companies. This is where a PPSR search with InfoTrack can come handy.


What is InfoTrack?

InfoTrack is one of Australia’s market leader in providing PPSR searches to thousands of individuals and companies. They promise 30% less time in property searches and provide outstanding ways to manage and order personal, company, and property searches using state of the art system. Using their intuitive search system, they provide smooth and speedy transactions with billing information immediately available.

They offer functions such as bulk orders, automatic setups and issues, flexible delivery options including visualization of your data, re-issues at no extra costs, and name verification and auto-match.

Benefits of a PPSR Search with InfoTrack

  • It provides you the ability to search the personal properties securities register for claims and security interest of personal properties. This gives you the ability to calculate the risk of loaning money to a debtor. With a PPSR search, you will be able to tell if the personal property is already used as collateral for other financial obligation, thus reducing the risk of not being able to collect your money when the debtor fails to pay.
  • It provides tools to help create and manage Secured Party Groups (SPG) and Registrations. Using the tools provided by InfoTrack, you may add or manage any secured party groups, thus helping secured parties in managing securities registered to them.
  • Being able to provide data and calculate risk to clients and businesses. With all the information a PPSR search with InfoTrack can provide, you may be able to provide your clients with important information that they might need. This reduces the reluctance and increases the trust of the client thus making them more willing to avail of your services.

What can I track with a PPSR search with InfoTrack?

InfoTrack provides a wide variety of PPSR searches that include:

  • Organizational grantor search which identifies whether a company or an organization has an existing registration over a specific personal property.
  • Individual grantor search which identifies whether an individual has an existing registration over a specific personal property.
  • Serial number search which identifies current registrations for personal properties such as motor vehicles, watercrafts, aircrafts, and intellectual properties.
  • Registration search which gives the details of any given personal property registration serial number.
  • Ordinal search which gives information regarding the order of two registration event.

The growing Australian market gave way for an exceptional service like InfoTrack to exist. It provides you the opportunity to expand and maintain your business, by providing you ways to minimized risks cause by events which could be avoided by using the right tools.

By using InfoTrack’s services, you are guaranteed a safety net in all your financial transaction.

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