Get tech savvy to secure a seat in top law schools in India

Get tech savvy to secure a seat in top law schools in India

Well, a career in law can be a very tempting one. The kind of hype surrounding the profession has made it one of the most preferred career choices for the most brilliant minds of the country. But securing a seat in any leading law college is not easy at all. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to secure a seat in law.

In this post, we are trying to get your job a little easy here.

So, before you worry yourself anymore, here are some cool tech savvy ways to make your journey totally hassle free.

  1. Find a college

As it is with any other courses in any other stream, you’ll have to first decide on the institutes you want to target for your Graduation or Post-Graduation law courses. This part is quite easy and with a little help from good old Google you can cross this hurdle.

Simply Google ‘list of the top law colleges in India’ and you’ll get the names of the most reputed law schools in the country. Now, you can browse through this list and target the institutes according to your criteria.

  1. The Entrance Examination

Once you’ve shortlisted the institutes you want to target for admission, you’ll have to find out the admission procedure. Most reputed law schools in India consider Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) as the entrance test.

You can find all about this entrance test here. Go through the syllabus and other details here and stat your preparation in full fledges.

  1. Put your phone to best use

Yes you read it right. We are asking you to spend some more time with your phone. If you are using an Android phone then there are some cool apps that can help you in a great many ways. Here again we’ve done the research for you.

So, here is the list of the apps that can help you in your CLAT endeavours:

  • Constitution of India:

Available in both English and Hindi, this is one app that gives you all the nitty-gritty details about the great constitution of this country. It’ll not only give you a great deal of mileage in your ‘Legal Aptitude’ tests, but also serve you throughout your career should you finally become a lawyer.

  • Current Affairs 2016:

Developed by Datagrass Systems, this is one of the best rated current affairs apps today. You can get the updates for all recent happenings around the country and globe with precise details. This way you can stay updated even on move and answer those current affair questions like a pro in your entrance.

  • Logical Reasoning Test:

This app lets you practice logical reasoning problems on your phone. Quite popular among aspirant of competitive exams, Logical Reasoning Test will come handy for CLAT for sure.

And the great thing this all these apps are totally free of cost and you can download these with one touch only from Google Playstore.

So, with these three tech savvy tips now you can secure a seat in any leading law college of India.

If you have any more tips to add, please share in the comment section. We love to hear from you!

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