Becoming a Leader Everyone Will Want To Work For

Becoming a Leader Everyone Will Want To Work For

We’ve been literally swallowed up whole by technology. The old work ethics which our parents know and follow are no longer valid in the modern world. They have all changed and boiled down to the survival of the “wittest”. You’ve probably seen or heard that some men and women with a PhD have even been reduced to working as janitors because jobs in their profession are scarce, while some individuals without a diploma have managed to make millionaires out of themselves.

Amidst this irony, how do you think will you manage to elbow your way up to your own personal success?

Today’s economy is turbulent, it is hard to keep up pace, let alone figure out on what career path you want to tread. Finding a decent job that pays well and keeps the grey hair away is hard these days, but it is not impossible to avoid the drama. Sometimes the best solution is to become your own master; to make work for yourself, rather than to ask for someone else to give it to you.

However, this approach requires more than just your will, talent, and persistence – you need a team. No one can make an empire on their own, so if you want to be king, you must learn how to lead.

Evaluate your leadership skills

First off, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Before you decide to embark on your own business ventures, you have to assess whether you are in a position to guide others or not. Do not shy away from being the right hand man to someone who has got more charisma and mental power than you, because the key is to build a unit which functions as a whole, rather than to place your ego on top of it all.

If you believe that you can, in fact, lead, than by all means, hold on to that conviction and make it happen, because it is going to be a bumpy ride no matter what. It takes courage to be responsible for other people’s careers, but it takes even more to admit that someone else is better than you at it. Remember, this skill can be learned, so do not rush into it if you do not feel ready.

Difference between leader and boss

This difference will definitely put things into perspective. Here’s the deal – bosses, by legitimate definition, are the ones who give out orders and command on the sidelines. They do not do the heavy work, nor do they sometimes even know how to do it to begin with. They just focus on self-improvement and are known for making examples of others, especially should something go awry. It is easier to scold, than to praise, right? Well, leaders, on the other hand, are in the trenches with the rest of his or her team.

They care for the development of the collective, they take most of the weight on their shoulders and strive to be a role model for others. This profile is what employees love to follow, clearly not some autocrat who cares only for personal gain.

Spark the passion

If you ask Sydney Counselling for leadership advice, they will tell you that passion is the fundamental component to becoming successful. You have to believe in what you do, otherwise you’re technically just prolonging your existence without much cause. Consequently, what you do is supposed to be contagious to others, people feel and react to someone else’s fervour intuitively.

Also, ego is a necessary trait for someone in this position, but a true leader knows that it must be used to inspire, not to boast. Once the entire team has a uniformed goal and they all share the same passion for their trade, nothing can could stop that machine. The leader is there just to show the way.

John Stone

John Stone

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