How to Find the Right Players for Your Business Team

How to Find the Right Players for Your Business Team

Do you own a company with the potential for success?

If you are like many business owners, finding a set of knowledgeable, trustworthy employees is the key to a successful company. With so much media (internet, television, and radio) available, it is sometimes difficult to know how to find these potential assets to your business.

Here are some up to date methods to recruit employees and management without too much hassle.

The Internet is Your Friend

Every day, a new job recruitment site pops up. Some may be better and more thorough with applicant screenings than others but these sites lend a helping hand to businesses, big or small.

Sites of this nature can also help the employer to prepare effective job postings that will get lots of attention. In some cases, applicants can even post video, resumes, work samples, etc directly to the site so that you, the employer, may view it.

This helps to speed up the selection process and fill your open positions quickly. You can also use your own business website to recruit with words like “join our team” .

Show Potential Candidates How They Can Grow

In today’s economy, stability is a very important factor in job choice.

It is a wonderful bonus to any applicant when they find out that there is room for growth in their prospective position. Highlight this information when interviewing a potential employee and that will help them to choose you instead of the other guy.

Offer Great Benefits

More times than not, it is imperative that an employee offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

A great employee is a hot commodity. You may very easily lose their consideration if you are not willing to invest in them. To be honest, a great employee is not going to jump for a job with a company that does not appreciate their employees.

As a business owner, you must show your dedication to quality employees if you expect to receive quality work.

Take Advantage of Your Colleagues

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is certain that you have made many contacts and networks.

Whether your contacts are companies that you do business with or friends who have started similar businesses, everyone knows someone.

The more groups and associations that your company joins the more contacts and networks you will be a part of.

Ask for Referrals

If you have your business up and running, you probably have probably built an essential staff.

It is time to pick your staff’s brains, so to speak. Ask your staffs if they know of any potential candidates. Odds are that if you like the performance of an employee and they like their job, they will only refer people who they know will do well.

For instance, maybe your top employee graduated with a couple colleagues who have the same education and work ethic as your staff member.

This might be a great opportunity to grow your staff with the previous knowledge that your staff will work together because of previous work or project experiences.


With a struggling job market, candidates are easy to find but sorting them and finding the perfect person for your position might require additional work.

Use these tips to become a successful business owner or entrepreneur with a staff that is professional and dedicated.

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