Benchmark Email vs GetResponse

Benchmark Email vs GetResponse

It has been a year since I moved on from Benchmark Email to GetResponse. My experience with both the email marketing services has been positive – but more so with the latter. GetResponse is the ultimate in email marketing and I think that none can match it in the current competition.

I would like to compare both in terms of their features, and I am sure GetResponse (GR) comes on top every time.

Both GetResponse and Benchmark off everything needed to create a great email campaign. Benchmark (BM) allows up to 50K subscribers. GR takes that limit to 100K and even more. Both allow me to send unlimited number of emails per month. Both have a splendid drag & drop editor, but GetResponse’s editor is more user-friendly. You need to try it to be able to understand how simple it is.

When it comes to templates, both have responsive templates. But with GR I see that their templates are closer to real-world solutions. There is a higher level of complexity in the templates offered by BM.

The templates are crispier and more effective in helping me make an impression on my audience!

A/B Testing

GR AB testing

With GetResponse I can test everything about my emails. Benchmark allows me to test the subject lines. So it was easier for me to make the right choice in this case. I am crazy about testing my campaigns, and spend more time testing my emails.

It provides me all the required info including clicks and opens, and how the campaign performed. I can compare different versions of my designs. Because I know which one worked better, this helps put my campaigns on the success path. BM does offer A/B testing features, but they are not as advanced for me.

Did Benchmark allow me to create webinars? No it didn’t. GetResponse allows me to create them and engage my audience more effectively. These webinars are also responsive. I can customize the URL with title, create password for select webinars, and create advanced date/time picker enabling flexible scheduling. There are so many vibrant webinar templates that easily draw in the audience attention. I can analyze and optimize them and follow up too.

Both the platforms allow me segment lists, create surveys and polls, and take advantage of Google Analytics. But there is more to GetResponse. It allows me to integrate social sharing and has its own email intelligence feature.

Inbox Preview

This is a feature unique to GR. As you would understand from the feature’s name, this email marketing platform allows me to get a preview of all my emails before I send them out.

Benchmark has so many integrations and offers so much, yet it lacks in this feature. This gives me a big edge because I will already know how my email recipients are going to see my newsletters before they get it.

Both are great email marketing tools. Both can be used by new and advanced users and by individual professionals and businesses. In terms of language support, I would again say that GetResponse is a step ahead. It supports a few extra languages besides the common ones. Polish and Russian users can also take advantage of this powerful email marketing platform.

Price Comparison

It is important to know at what price you get the different packages offered by these two email marketing tools.

Start with a 1000 subscribers and send them unlimited emails per month and GR charges $15. For the same plan, Benchmark charges more than $18. If you have 5000 subscribers, things even out and costs between $44 and $49 a month at both the services. GetResponse may seem to be costlier here but with their annual package and discount they are still cheaper than Benchmark’s plan.

As the number of subscribers increase, the packages remain almost neck to neck! For more information about pricing, I will suggest visiting their price pages: GetResponse Pricing and Benchmark Pricing.

So with around 5,000 subscribers, it was reasonable for me to move to an email marketing platform that offered more in terms of features while keeping things simpler. I found it easier and faster to create and run campaigns with GetResponse, and I am happy to have found it. I had heard a lot about it, but it took me a free trial to realize that it was better than Benchmark.


GR Templates

BM Templates


When it comes to AutoResponders, both the email marketing providers are experts. But again, GR has an edge with its AutoResponder 2.0. It is slightly more advanced and allows me to respond to occasions and user actions. Sending out action-based messages is what motivates me every time! I am able to reach them at the right time and that helps get many things done!


GetResponse offers much more types of forms than Benchmark. There is something for every type of business and more than 500 templates to backup. I can also conduct A/B tests to determine what is best for me. The privileges are limited in the case of BM.


GR Webinars


Benchmark is without doubt one of the top email marketing platforms. It has amazing features. The user interface is simple. Their customer support is good and responsive. There is no doubt why it is rated as one of the best in the business and can be used by all sizes of businesses.

BM Email Creator

One thing I would like to point out is that the Benchmark email creator is almost as perfect as GetResponse’s. It is difficult to tell the difference at some points.

On the other hand, GetResponse is the top email marketing service for me. If you are already running campaigns with a service like Benchmark, GR will help you improve it further. I am able to create may email campaigns faster and with more features including social sharing buttons, embedded videos and much more. It is also faster when it comes to importing contact lists. And thanks to its advanced autoresponder and inbox preview features, it is too difficult to steer away from it.

It would recommend GetResponse to everyone. But that doesn’t mean Benchmark is far away. It is also a great email marketing platform with tons of integrations. But GetResponse is simply my thing and I don’t think I will leave it for a long time.

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    Awesome summary and thank you for the GetResponse recommendation. I’ll give it a try. It sounds cool.

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