Understanding the top benefits of Hosted PBX

Understanding the top benefits of Hosted PBX

Regardless of what you call it, a hosted PBX, a hosted phone system or an IP-PBX, one thing is for certain – the benefits for small and midsized businesses are tremendous! If like most businesses you find yourself fed up with continued improvement costs, ongoing repairs and the never ending maintenance needs of your legacy phone system it may be time to consider adopting cloud-based telephony, like a BroadConnect hosted phone system.

Let’s explore the top five benefits of hosted PBX solutions:

1). Reduced costs and budget optimization: A hosted PBX has fewer operating costs than a traditional PBX. These savings come in the form of reduced needs for repairs, almost no downtime requirements and minimal maintenance charges. Unlike legacy systems, hosted PBX systems are housed and managed offsite by the solutions provider.

Furthermore, hosted solutions necessitate little or no complex infrastructure or hardware setups, businesses only require a high-speed, good quality Internet connection.

2). Maximum flexibility and easy scalability: Using the power of VoIP technology, a managed PBX system is designed to not only integrate seamlessly with almost any existing communication infrastructure, it is also engineered to scale to keep pace with business needs.

Extensions and users can be added or removed from the system with no interruption or downtime requirements – in a matter of minutes, not days or even weeks as would be the case with a traditional PBX.

3). No need for in-house maintenance or technical staff: All ongoing maintenance and improvements to the system are managed by the solutions provider, at their location. This means that businesses no longer need to hire dedicated in-house personnel or allocate time and money to doing so.

Businesses deploying hosted PBX solutions reporting experiencing greater uptime since the phone system does not need to be shut down for upgrades, repairs or system maintenance.

4). Enhanced reliability: The true beauty of a hosted PBX is that it almost never fails. A managed system can be relied upon to connect callers to the business without lag, delays or lapses in QoS. Provided that your business has a high quality Internet connection and enough bandwidth, you can expect crystal clear reception each and every time.

In fact, nowadays, IP telephony is recognized for having call clarity and quality that surpasses conventional PSTN telephony.

5). Business continuity and unsurpassed disaster recovery: Previously, if a business was rendered inaccessible or a flood, fire, storm or some other disaster resulted in downed powerline or telephone lines, business operations were forced to halt until the problem was addressed. For some businesses, even a small amount of downtime could be crippling.

Not with hosted services. Like any other VoIP or IP-power communications service, callers to a business with a managed PBX can be instantly routed to voicemail or any other phone number or business location, meaning that business operations can continue even if employees cannot get inside the physical office location.

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