Travel Accessories You Just Can’t Go Without

Travel Accessories You Just Can't Go Without

Those of you who travel pretty regularly will probably know what this article is all about. People go on the road for many reasons, and they rely on certain items that are designed to make the road life easier in the first place. Whether you are just starting to travel frequently, or you are already into it, check out this list of gadgets that can make your travel experiences much easier.

Perhaps you can find something that you have never heard of before.

  1. Anti-theft Messenger Bag

Big cities offer various unique experiences. But, not all are necessarily positive. One of them is pickpocketing. The Anti-theft Messenger Bag is a bag compact enough not so you do not get tired from carrying it around all day, but big enough to fit your tablet. And it is not intended just for urban tourism, you can carry it while hiking on a mountain (or wherever you feel like there is a chance of being mugged). You can get it for $59 (if on sale), and the price goes up to $89. Get this bag and never again should you worry about getting your bag cut off your shoulder, and losing valuable belongings such as credit cards, wallet, personal IDs, phone, or camera. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so finding the one that suits your needs is not really a problem.

  1. Travel Pillow

One of the best ways to avoid neck cramps and give yourself a nice sleep while flying on a plane, rolling on a bus, or camping. Forget the U-shaped neck pillows, the Nemo Fillo Travel Pillow is much more compact and comfortable. You can inflate it as much as you want, it has an inch of memory foam inside it, and a “stuff sack”, which you can stuff your pillow into for easier packing. It costs $39.95 and is suitable for any place you might need a pillow to lay and rest your head.

Travel Accessories You Just Can't Go Without

  1. Photo & Video Equipment

There is no doubt that you would like to capture all those memories in a digital media format. If you are a person that likes to “take shots”, and have a decent photo and video equipment, you should upgrade with certain accessories. An airline-friendly bag, a battery grip, international plug adaptor, go pro accessories, all-in-one superzoom, and a travel tripod are the essentials for taking great photos and recording steady and quality videos. You would not want to run out of power, carry and change a lot of lenses, or take blurry photos when the light conditions are imperfect.

  1. World SIM Card

In the 21st century, staying connected is something that matters. This card is extremely useful for whenever you land at an international airport. You can use it to call your accommodation rental hosts, car rentals, business contacts, friends and acquaintances. One of the best and most popular are GoSim cards, which provide data for you to consult Google Maps, check your emails, or make a quick phone call to book an excursion or make a tour confirmation.

  1. Toiletry Kit

There is a toiletry kit from eBags called Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit, and it is so thin that you would think you cannot fit anything in it. However, the design makes it extremely compact for packing shampoo, lotions, hair products, make up, and medications. It has pockets lined with waterproof plastic, which prevents spillage to spread all over your other stuff. It takes minimum space in your suitcase, purse, messenger bag, or backpack. The easiness of use and durability of this bag makes it a perfect toiletry kit for overseas and family travels.

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