Keeping Warm In Your Halloween Costume

Keeping Warm In Your Halloween Costume

There are many things to look forward to this fall season; trees changing colors, football games, homecoming parades, and of course, Halloween. The thing about Halloween is that it’s  a “tricky” holiday because it occurs in the middle of the fall season.

You can’t predict with any certainty how the weather is going to be. So preparing for weather conditions is often a gamble. Here are some pointers so that you can keep your trick-or-treating loved ones warm this October.

Fleece Layers

One way to keep those tiny tots warm is to make sure they are well insulated inside the Halloween costume. Those decorative costumes found in retail stores are often very flimsy and do not offer a lot of protection against the harsh wind and bitter cold. Fleece fabric is a wool-like material that is light enough to wear underneath as to not ruin the holiday fun and heavy enough to keep the body warm during those long pilgrimages through the neighborhood. It’s wind resistant, highly insulating, and versatile.

If the costume is too unusual to be matched with regular articles of clothing, you can make a basic shirt and pants, in a matching color from fleece fabric to be worn as an insulating layer that won’t compromise the efficacy of the costume.

Get your beverage on

Another way to keep warm this holiday is to prepare a hot beverage that they can take on their journey. Hot beverages keep the internal body temperature warm. Stay away from sugary drinks that will give them a sugar rush. After all, they are going to ingest enough sweets and candy later that night to feed a small army of sugar ants. Hot tea or cider stored inside a thermos flask or mug are just a few healthy ideas to consider this season.

Another good tip for a warm Halloween this season is to keep the head and extremities warm. Even if your loved one is wearing a full head mask, eye and nose holes present an opportunity for the cold to seep in. Make sure your child is wearing ear muffs to keep those ears warm and a hat for added protection. Gloves should also be worn at all times, as the extremities are usually the first body parts to be affected by the cold.

Keep a brisk pace, but don’t run, especially with scissors

Lastly, make sure your little ones are staying active on Halloween night! Encourage your trick-or-treaters to run, skip, or walk briskly through the neighborhood. Physical exercise increases body temperature by activating the adrenal glands and increasing blood flow to the entire body. Always emphasize the importance of safety beforehand and encourage them to follow all road signs while keeping a lookout for oncoming traffic.

In summary, keeping insulated, preparing hot beverages, covering the extremities, and staying active should help you and your scary little companions have a warm and safe Halloween. So there you have it!

These tips should help them have a spook-tacular time this season and save you a pneumonia-induced trip to the hospital.

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