10 Low Cost Ways Of Promoting Your Business

You should always take advantage of any good and low cost marketing move or strategy, especially if you are launching a startup. The promotion of your business never stops. It is a continuous process and a real challenge for small businesses. You are at the very beginning, funds are low and you think about how to advertise your brand and make others notice you.

Here are some low cost marketing tips and strategies that will fulfill their purpose, and that is – attracting new customers and create possibilities for business expansion.

1. Planning

Be specific when defining your best prospects are. When you do, think of the most suitable and effective way to reach them. Who is considered your target customer? Will you reach them on social media or local business meetings? Is there a chance that they will be searching for your product or services online? When would you start promoting your business? At the beginning of their buying cycle, or right before they make the purchase? Write down the answers of all the questions considered, and use them as a reference before you start with a new marketing tactic.

2. Set Up A Website

Building a website is something that you would not want to set aside for later. Online marketing is very important, and you need a good website to stay in the race and keep up the pace. You can choose between hiring professional web developers for a custom-made website, and free online website builders like Strikingly or Wix.

3. Social Media

Create profile pages for your business brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin, and increase your social media presence. Make sure you provide a good and interesting description, contact info, keywords, and a link to your website and other web locations. Follow online groups of people who are involved with products similar to yours. Participate in conversations, promote, but do not spam others with constant adverts.

4. Promotional merchandise

These products are very beneficial, due to their ability to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and clients, and contribute to business growth. They draw attention, increase brand exposition, and are not limited only for your target audience. Pens, USB sticks, shirts and mugs with your logo should be everywhere. You can provide branded bags to your employees, so they would take the brand with them wherever they go.

5. Donate

Find a charitable event and donate some of your products or services. The name of your brand would be talked about in a remarkably positive context.

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6. Publicize An Unusual Aspect Of Your Business

If there is something interesting or specific for your type of business, then publicize it by sending press releases. Aim for the radio stations, newspapers, cable TV stations and other press release services. Send a photo along with the press release, so to increase your chance of having that material published.

7. E-mail Newsletters

Collect your customers’ e-mail addresses and send promotions, newsletter and updates via e-mail. Get as many people you can to subscribe to your service. When you reach a certain number of subscribers, you need to pay for that service (which is actually not expensive).

8. Public Demonstration

Host a public demonstration regarding products and services that you provide. Promote the event and call local newspapers to let them know about it. Find a suitable retail or office space and give people the demonstration that will tickle their minds.

9. Video Material

Create a YouTube or Vimeo account, and put videos of your products there. These videos may also be shared on social media networks. This will give you more exposure, especially if your presentation is interesting, professional and visually appealing.

10. Contribute To Local Publications

To write an expert article, you need to have a great writing style and to know a lot about the subject you are writing about. If you are qualified for this, contact the editors of various publications and start writing.

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John Stone

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