Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Recently, the New York Times wrote a rather biased piece about the working conditions in Amazon. The piece, while extolling a few of Amazon’s virtues, leaned largely towards the negative.

For those of us who aren’t working in Amazon, the article painted a dreary picture of a grim, cutthroat, and toxic working environment where people were cold and had little or no regard for each other. But by the second day, lots of rebuttal pieces started showing up online on social media networks, blogs, and websites.

One that particularly stood out was written by an Amazon employee who was incensed at the inaccurate depiction of his amazing workplace.  That unsolicited rebuttal –the writer insists he wasn’t fingered by Amazon or anyone to write that-in defense of Amazon was as passionate as they come.

Which brings us to our question: How many workplaces can boast of such intense loyalty? Probably very few. Why is that? It’s simple: There aren’t many workplaces that can engender such fierce loyalty and dedication in its workers.

Every organization dreams of having enthusiastic employees like this, who are fully committed to their work, are motivated and dedicated to the organization’s vision and goals. So, what can you do to turn your employees into your “evangelists” and get them so committed to your vision that they’ll go above and beyond for the organization?

Give Them a Goal That’s Bigger Than Them

What’s your organizational goal? Is it to just sell to your immediate locality or do you want to be the best in the industry and in the country?

Create a vision and work hard to bring it to reality. Hire the best talents possible and unleash them on your workplace and let them create. Help them find meaning in what they do. Give them huge goals that will inspire them to give their all.

Create a Positive Working Environment Where Managers Listen to Subordinates

One thing that stood out for us was the writer’s emphasis on how they can make alternative suggestions to their bosses and still be appreciated for it.

All work should be about competence and effectiveness, not seniority and egos –those are completely useless. If a subordinate has the solution to a problem, he should be encouraged to respectfully disagree and posit a more effective solution.

Your Working Environment Shouldn’t be Stringent and Inflexible

Working environments where people are micromanaged are hardly ever extremely productive. You need to trust your employees to give their very best. Your workers’ productivity shouldn’t just be determined by their physical presence at work.

The more effective approach is to have milestones and metrics that can be measured while each employee has a clear vision of their goals. This way, even if workers have to telecommute once or twice a week, they can still collaborate with those in the office through the use of task management software like scoro.

Don’t Work Your Employees into the “Ground”

Working environments where there is no clear regard for workers’ personal well-being and health will always experience high turnovers. You workers don’t need to work 100 hour weeks just to meet deadlines. This will clearly result in major health issues and a resentment that will neverallow them become dedicated to your organization.

You’ll notice that we didn’t say anything about financial remuneration. That’s because multiple studies have shown that there’s a financial ceiling –about $90k- beyond which money plays has little or no influence in inspiring incredible commitment. However, this doesn’t mean that you should underpay your workers. Always pay them their fair wages, no questions asked.

Oscar King is a freelance writer and businessman who contirbutes articles and insight into effectively and successfully running a business.
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