Surprising Uses for Banners you Haven’t Considered

Surprising Uses for Banners you Haven’t Considered

You may have thought you’ve had the use of banners cracked, but we urge you to reconsider that opinion.

The whole point of banners is admittedly straightforward. To advertise your business or even in a way that’s a lot less fixed than actual shop signs. They are a transportable, versatile means of advertising a business in nearly any environment that isn’t simply an empty field. This means that you can advertise at pretty much any venue, and can be invaluable when you do not have sufficient wall space for fixed signs. They are also highly economical if the sign is only for a brief event before it becomes irrelevant.

However, there’s more to the use of banners than simply sticking them up in a window or above a doorway. In fact, there are a number of surprising uses for banners that you probably haven’t considered, all of which go a long way to demonstrating the versatility of this advertising medium. All it takes it a bit of thought and a mind for innovation.

Movement Barriers

Sometimes there are certain events and situations where you need to control the flow of traffic. The usual situation is to use metal grate barriers to block off certain areas and redirect movement towards other places. However, metal grids are unfortunately austere in their appearance. They bring to mind prisons and cattle pens more than a welcoming, guest-friendly event. For businesses, this is something you want to avoid. If a guest does not feel welcome or valued, they are less inclined to offer custom.

Banners, therefore, are an excellent way to soften the necessity of barriers by providing a little color and fun to them. While the metal grid is still there to offer support, the banner can be used to block off the severity of its usual look. People generally don’t object to bright designs and text.

As a bonus, this also means you can use the barriers as additional space for advertising. Not only can you then direct people towards certain objects, but you can also inform them of any events, special offers or services your business can provide at the same time.

Wind Barriers and Sun Shelters

The elements can be a real drag to any event, especially if you are trying to run a business outside of your usual store building. The wind can make keeping anything in one place for very long a nightmare – especially papers – while the sun can pose a real risk if you are in it for too long. The usual procedure is to try and shade oneself to protect against the weather, but this can also present a very surprising opportunity.

If properly positioned, your banners could easily provide the same benefits as conventional shades and screens, yet at the same time allowing you to give some extra advertising space for you and your business.

Table Screens

Another thing if you are bringing your business outside for a little bit. If you have many boxes and luggage brought with you to an outside event, you may want to put them somewhere discreet where they are not able to be seen by the customers. This just makes your stall look a bit tidier and more professional, and can allow you to keep track of where everything is.

To that end, why not use your banners across the legs of your table to create a screen? This can keep your guests from seeing things you do not want them to see while still keeping their attention on what you do want them to see.

Blinds and Curtains

Coming up to a shop and just seeing a closed blind can sometimes send off the wrong message to your customers. It implies that now that you are closed, you want nothing to do with them. That is it, blocked off, not our problem. As such you may want to consider an alternative to present a friendlier, longer lasting image.

Using a banner in place of a curtain or a blind on your shop windows and doors can be a great alternative. It prevents people from looking into your shop building, yet at the same time does not have the closed-off feel that a mere blind would have. You can still provide your guests with valuable information (such as when you’ll next be open) and a list of products, services and offers they may be interested in. This allows some after-hours advertising while still keeping the shop friendly.

Ultimately, banners act as an invaluable source of advertising, and are incredibly versatile. If you plan on making use of any (or all) of these options, make sure that you have a banner that looks professional. I recommend making use of a professional design service such as Whatever you choose, just make sure you present a professional face. Using a banner in these ways can backfire if the design is sloppy.

Christian Mills, is a small business owner who looks for innovative ways to market his company without increasing his costs. He provides his acquired wisdom to any who will listen. If you wish to learn more about Christian you can visit his profile on Google+.
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