Are You Listening to Your Customers? The Marketing Benefits of Shopper Insight

Are You Listening to Your Customers? The Marketing Benefits of Shopper InsightWhile shopper research is something that has only recently become part of mainstream marketing, proponents make the argument that it is a crucial move away from the short-term options offered by sales promotion and trade marketing tactics to offer a more strategic option that offers a new concept in terms of integrated marketing.

With the economy still recovering, it is essential to find a few tactical initiatives that may be beneficial in recovering and building a business back up to the level it was prior to the issues of a failing economy.

There are a number of ways that shopper research can benefit businesses, with the most impactful found here.

Sell to a Shopper, not a Consumer

Using the insight that is offered by research and insight from shoppers will help businesses better understand what motivates them to make a purchase. When times are changing, shoppers are going to be thinking even harder about each item they are putting inside of their basket and this type of understanding is now more important than ever before.

Keep in mind – a consumer uses something and a shopper buys something. You have to focus your efforts on the shopper if you plan to make a profit.

Get to Know Your Brand

Do you know what consumers really think of your brand? You may think you do, but not really know what this means. If you sell an item that is considered a non-essential, chances are you took quite a hit during the recession. However, if you really understood what motivated a shopper to buy, you may have been able to find a way to solve a problem with your product. Listening to consumers can help you figure out what their problems are and what you have to offer as a solution.

Offer some Type of Solution

You should keep in mind that the final decision to make a purchase is going to be one based on what product best solves the shoppers immediate need. Take some time to figure out the problem the product you sell solves and how this can be beneficial. It will help you make more sales and better understand your consumer.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by enlisting the services of a professional shopper research company, such as Custom Intercept. This company takes customer data and insight and turns it into real, marketable ideas that you can use for your business. This can be invaluable when it comes to growing and enhancing your business.

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