How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

How to Get Through Airport Security FasterOne of the worst parts of traveling on planes is having to wait in long TSA lines at the airport and get searched by a complete stranger. From the strict rules of packing liquids to the inconvenience of taking off your shoes, there are a number of ways that it can take an extended period of time to get through airport security.

To ensure that you make your flight on time and can quickly pass through the checkpoints, there are a few important steps to take to make for a smooth process.

Wear Slip-on Shoes

One of the most time-consuming parts of getting through airport security is having to untie your shoes, put them in the plastic bin, and get them back on as you struggle with your luggage. Make it a simpler process by wearing slip-on shoes for a step that will take only seconds compared to several minutes. Consider wearing socks with the slip-on shoes to avoid having to walk barefoot on the airport floors.

Bring One Bag

Avoid bringing multiple bags with you on the plane, which can make it difficult to have everything scanned while you’re getting through the line. Opt for packing the necessities in a backpack or purse for an easy way of having less items that can get searched.

Empty Your Water

Water, juice, and other beverages are all prohibited while you make your way through the TSA lines. Empty the contents of the drink that you have with you and refill it before you board your flight to avoid having to toss it after airport security sees it in your possession.

Sign Up for TSA Precheck

Airports across the country finally realized how time consuming it is for travelers to go through TSA lines and risk missing their flight if they happen to be searched. Sign up for TSA Precheck before arriving at the airport, which is a trusted traveler program that will allow you to be pre-screened and skip the long lines. Although the program isn’t available in every airport, it’s accessible in 130 locations across the country for a convenient way of flying. Those who fly frequently are often eligible for the program and must be invited.

You can also join a frequent-flyer program to have access to faster security checkpoint lines that are exclusive and only take a minute to two to pass through.

Avoid Bringing Your Laptop

It can be a hassle to pack your laptop and take it with you on the plane because it will need to be scanned before you board. This will require you to take it out of the case, carefully place it on the conveyor systems, and risk damage to the device. Instead, leave it behind or pack it in luggage that you plan to check to ensure that you board your plane quicker.

Avoid Wearing Metal

Keep your clothing simple when you leave for the airport to ensure that you don’t wear anything that will cause you to get searched. Heavy belts or jewelry pieces that contain large pieces of metal will likely cause you to get stopped in TSA lines so you can be searched. This can easily take 20 to 30 minutes to complete due to long earrings or a chunky necklace that you’re wearing. Similarly, clear your pockets of any coins or items to ensure that they don’t cause problems and cause security to assume that you may be carrying a weapon.

Look at the Security Agents

To determine which line is moving the fastest before you begin the process of waiting to get through security, look at the agents who seem to be hustling travelers through at a faster rate. Agents who seem to be taking their time are likely holding up the line and can add several extra minutes to your wait.

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    A few years ago at Heathrow they had to unwrap all of my gifts in my carry on… whoops! I’m not flying anymore until next year but these are great tips.


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