Fuel-Saving Tricks to stretch your fleet’s gas dollar

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Fuel-Saving Tricks to stretch your fleet’s gas dollar

Gas prices are on an all-time high and companies are at their limits trying to find ways to save gas dollars. Throughout the life of your fleet’s vehicles, wrong driver practices, natural causes and especially poor fuel efficiency can lead to hundreds and thousands in added expense. Educating your drivers on the best practices will maximize fuel efficiency and reduce your long term expenses.

  1. Drive like a sane person. Easier said than done. Slow drivers, traffic jams, and rubbernecks are all factors that give us road rage. However, driving angry, rapidly accelerating and braking, then accelerating can cost you big time. If you boost from the traffic light like you’re in a drag race, you’ll pay for that dearly.

Fuel-Saving Tricks

The best way is to accelerate slowly from the green light and stopping slowly when approaching a red light. This technique can save your fleet a lot of money in the long run, so make sure your fleet understands it.

  1. Check your tire pressure. Drivers could boost fuel efficiency by up to 3% simply by keeping their tires properly inflated. If the tires are under inflated even by 1 psi, fuel costs significantly increase per mile. Uneven wear can also reduce fuel efficiency. Ensure that tires are inflated according to manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Tire gauges are now very common for keeping tire pressure in check.
  1. Utilize Fleet Cards. If cars run on water, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Using charge cards to purchase fuel can save your fleet A LOT of gas and you? A LOT of money. For example, WEX Motorpass fleet cards available benefits include:
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Reign in cost by viewing advanced reports which include vehicle ID, driver ID and odometer readings. This allows you to access transaction data that you can include in your own systems.
  • Savings – Take control of overall fuel management through efficient reporting, product and purchase controls as well as flexible fees and payment terms.
  • Access to a multi-branded network – fleet cards boast a wide network of service stations. WEX Motorpass, for example, is accepted at more than 90% of fuel stations in Australia. This allows your drivers to efficiently locate them, fill up and get back to driving.
  1. Clean Fuel System. Every car owner knows that regular tune-up is necessary (if not entirely mandatory). Even the tiniest deposits such as resin and carbon, can cause poor engine performance and over fuel consumption. A mechanic can flush out the fuel system, including the intake valve, fuel injector, and combustion chamber to keep your fuel consumption in check.
  2. Plan your Routes. Consolidate trips effectively in order to avoid retracing routes. This will make your drivers reduce miles driven, it also saves wear-and-tear on all your vehicles.

Using the tricks above lets you control the operation of your entire fleet, reduce overall expenses and make your drivers more sensitive to how they operate their cars. Traditional solutions can only take you so far. Want to know my best advice? Get a fleet card today.

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