Why would I recommend Host1Plus to everyone?


Why would I recommend Host1Plus to everyone

There are so many reasons why I will recommend Host1Plus. Here is my experience with another web host, how I came across Host1Plus and the benefits.

When my site’s uptime started getting affected, I thought that my web host provider was losing in terms of quality services. I called the tech support but despite making several calls, couldn’t find any resolution to the problem. This was in fact the first time I made a real contact with my web host’s support team and soon realized that they lacked deep knowledge of their own product. I consulted one of my friends, who is a tech-savvy lad and after he checked the issue with my site, he asked me a few details about by web hosting plan and instantly told me not to blame my web host.

The problem, he suggested, was that I needed to upgrade my web hosting plan. And he recommended me to check Host1Plus and upgrade to a VPS hosting plan. And so I did and I couldn’t have been happier.

Customer Support

The first thing I did was call up the customer support and ensure that they are knowledgeable people. In fact, I asked my friend to call them up too. I wanted to ensure that I didn’t face any issues in the future.


A VPS plan was the perfect choice for me as I was using a shared plan. Host1Plus offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of plans. I chose the Gold plan as it met all my requirements for the current moment and for the near future.

I already had 1GB of RAM, 10GB of storage and 500GB of bandwidth. Host1Plus’s silver plan offered me some upgrade in terms of storage and bandwidth, it didn’t improve on memory and CPU power. So the Gold plan was ideal. This VPS plan provided me the following:

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 40 GB storage
  • 2,000 GB of bandwidth

Their next upgrade – Platinum plan costs more than double compared to Gold plan, but I think I will not need it for another two years at least.

Server Location

I didn’t know I could choose the location of my server ever before. I came to know about it only when I checked the VPS hosting plans offered by Host1Plus. They allow you to select the web server location from a number of countries including the U.S., Brazil, Germany and South Africa.

How does server location help me? I have my prospects in the U.S an I don’t want to target Europe, South America, or Asia, so it helps me by having my server located in the country where my customers are located.

Google takes server location into consideration as one of the factors for determining where it displays search results. So I don’t want search results for my products to be displayed anywhere else except America.


This is another extension of the flexibility advantage that I found with Host1Plus. This is where this web host takes things miles ahead of any other web hosting provider. It allows you to customize the hosting configuration by using a sliding bar interface. This was something unique and entirely new for me.

Host1Plus Server Customization

Host1Plus Server Customization

Finally after the upgrade I didn’t have anything more to ask. I have been using the Gold vps plan from Host1Plus for the past 4 months and I never had any issues with my site. My friend helped me a lot to configure my VPS server, as it’s unlike a shared plan and requires some technical knowledge, but it’s perfect now.

Now my website not only works smoothly, it’s relatively faster and my SEO campaigns are also delivering better results. I think the choice of the server location is one of the reasons for this improvement in my online marketing efforts. I look forward to upgrading the plan further within a year as my traffic is growing again at a faster rate.

I will surely refer any of my peers to switch to Host1Plus. Its hosting plans are affordable, different and the perfect solution for me. Besides, the support team is knowledgeable and useful too. If anyone is looking for an ideal hosting plan or an upgrade, Host1Plus is the choice.

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey

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