Using Medical Fillers to Change your Appearance

Using Medical Fillers to Change your Appearance

For quite some time people have used different medical and aesthetic procedures in order to change the way the look. Plastic surgeries have become as normal as any other medical treatment. Not only that; society accepts them as a moral and logical way of changing someone’s appearance even though they are used in situations when they are not necessary and sometimes, they are even used on under aged children.

However, this didn’t stop cosmetic industry from thriving and inventing new and advanced procedure that can be used not only for facial and body reconstruction, but also as a way of altering our appearance.

One of the most popular treatments as of late is medical fillers. These drugs are used as their name implies: to fill the gaps between wrinkles. It gives patients plums and full looks. However, it has only limited use. Lips, cheeks, nasal lines and chin are the main areas which are altered by this procedure. It is also possible to do cleavage and neck area.

But, for this procedure, you need to be certain that your doctor is proficient enough because these parts of the body have numerous blood vessels. If the needle hits the vessel, it can lead to severe bleeding. Experts from Medica Depot say that patience and precision are the most important traits for a cosmetic professional.

Medical fillers are made from various ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, human and animal collagen and even synthetic substances. While collagen and hyaluronic acid are already present in our body, synthetic materials are specially made for these medicines. While natural components are easier to dissolve, artificial ones last longer within the body but there is also a bigger chance of side effects. Depending on the person who is doing the procedure, he can advise you one or the other approach.

First thing which is tested before treatment is your resistance to the drug. Most common issue with medical fillers is allergies that are product of one or more of its components. After this has been determined, it is possible to administer the therapy. Thin needles are used for this treatment. Process is very quick; it lasts for about 20 minutes. After that, you are able to return to your daily routine.

However, there are certain things that are forbidden. You shouldn’t apply any cream or cosmetic products on your face for one week after the treatment. Besides that, you shouldn’t do any extreme workout or drink alcohol for 24 hours after procedure. Also, it is important to remain in closed quarters without direct exposure to the Sun.

Usual problem that happens with filers is bruising and swelling. You can reduce risk by using ice packs. Sometimes, hypersensitivity may occur after one or two day. It includes problems such as itching, burning and even shortness of breath. There were even reported cases of anaphylactic shock and necrosis. Whatever side effect you may experience after the treatment, it is important to contact your medical provider and ask him for an advice.

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