What to Expect During Your First Few Days of Rehab

What to Expect During Your First Few Days of Rehab

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards sober living. One of the most important steps to getting effective treatment is first admitting that there’s a problem, and then finding the right form of treatment. While there are several options for treating those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, more times than not, an individual will be more successful by entering a inpatient rehab program.

While this might seem scary and a bit intimidating, by entering a program for 30 plus days and being away from everything you know, you’ll find that in time things will get much easier and your road to recovery will be easier to manage.

There are hundreds if not thousands of rehab facilities that you could enter for drug or alcohol addiction treatment – some of the facilities cater to young adults, while others cater to the business professional.  Each facility has its own approaches for treatment as well as other services that can benefit you in the long run. However, making the best decision on which rehab facility is best will be up to you.

You will need to determine which program you can afford (or is covered by your health insurance), which programs offer the best approaches to treatment (in your opinion), and other personal preferences you might consider. Requesting to take a tour of several rehab facilities that meet your needs might be the most effective way to make the best selection.

Once you’ve chosen a rehab facility, all that’s left is to prepare for the start of your program. While all facilities differ, below is a brief description of what you might encounter on your first few days in treatment:

  1. Intake – Before actually starting your treatment program, there will be a short exam and interview that takes place. This intake process is generally composed of drug counselors and medical professionals. They will first learn about your addiction, types of substances you’re addicted to, various underlying causes for addiction, other preexisting medical conditions, and more. They will also conduct a physical examination as well as blood and urine samples to aid with the process. The results from this exam and interview will determine what treatment options are best suited for you and how long you should remain in the program.
  2. Detoxification – After you’ve been assessed by counselors and medical professionals, you will need to enter into the detoxification period. During this period of time, you are medically supervised by a team of professionals as you go through the various phases of detox. NEVER TRY TO DETOX ALONE: Medical assistance is always suggested during detox as the body can experience adverse effects from withdrawal. This page on DualDiagnosis.org gives an in depth explanation of detoxification and what you might expect.
  3. Active Treatment – Once the body has rid itself of the various toxins and remnants of drug or alcohol, you will likely be ready for active treatment. It is during this phase in your treatment program that you will be involved in various forms of therapy (individual, group, and family counseling), along with other options for treatment that might include holistic remedies that might include acupuncture, equine, meditation, religious practices, and more. Active treatment will go on for the duration of your stay within the rehab facility and may change as you progress in your efforts to live a sober life.

These are the general steps that are taken during the first few days of an inpatient recovery program. As stated above, since every rehab facility has their own rules and approaches to treatment, this list may vary some.

However, knowing what you can expect can often help to remove any bouts of stress, anxiety, or fears that you might have about getting started. Drug rehab facilities are often the most effective approach for treatment of addiction.

However, it is imperative to point out that ultimately, you and your willingness to succeed and live a sober life is the key decision maker on how effective treatment can really be.

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