How to Find the Right Business Phone System

How to Find the Right Business Phone System

A business phone system is the lifeline of any business entities to clients and customers. It can influence business growth and customer experience, which makes having the right business phone system all the more important.

Perhaps, you’re still using a Public Switched Telephone Network, also known as landlines, but its limited functionalities can no longer meet your needs. Other options you may take into consideration are the VoIP, Private Branch Exchange (PBX), On-Premise PBX, and Cloud-based PBX phone systems.

So, how will you know if you’re making the right choices for your business? Here are some tips.

  1. Identify your business resources

Forget what type of business you have. Take a look at your resources, instead. For example, if getting a high-speed internet connection is quite impossible in your area, then better stick to landlines, otherwise go for VoIP or hosted PBX systems.

The latter is highly recommended to small- and mid-size businesses particularly those that operate online. Large-scale businesses however typically use on-site PBX because they can afford to build an infrastructure for it as well as deploy a maintenance personnel to keep the lines running 24/7.

  1. Phone system security and customer support

There’s no guarantee that your traditional or digital telephone line won’t be wire-tapped or hacked by some unscrupulous individuals. It all comes down to the customer support and security that your service provider can offer to you.

Some providers like iiNet’s business phone offers the best solutions, tips for troubleshooting and account set up so you can easily configure everything, from call plans, voice mail encryption, to firewalls. Additionally, you should read up the security policies established by your provider so you’ll be able to identify potential security threats.

  1. Contact the most suitable phone system provider for your business

The best phone system provider should be accessible wherever you may be, able to provide scalability as your business grows, reliable, and flexible to meeting your specific requirements. This is especially true among small businesses that have multiple employees. For instance, your online store business will likely require flexibility in your phone lines. You might need to add a dedicate phone to your customer support and sales and accounting departments.

  1. Explore voice codec options from service providers

Receiving/making quality calls is very important in giving your customers a good business experience with you. Telephone systems that run on Internet Protocol Network like VoIP and cloud-based ones consume the right amount of bandwidth it needs to make/receive phone calls.

Voice codecs are then utilized to change the signals from analog to digital, and the bandwidth these codecs use may vary depending on the location. A voice codec may be compressed if the caller is at a remote location; thus, the voice quality suffers. Therefore, find a provider that offers high internet bandwidth for their online-based telephone systems.

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