Guidelines To Start A Vacation Rental Business Website

Guidelines To Start A Vacation Rental Business Website

A recent survey by GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) stated that global business travel spending will rise by 7% in 2015. The study also said that travel spending in the USA is projected to reach $310 billion in 2015. These statistics clearly show the power of travel industry and how fast it is rising.

This rapid growth of the travel industry is creating thousands of opportunities for people to start a travel business from small scale to large scale. However, there are so many types of travel business that you can try such as starting a travel agency, travel, transport Company, starting a hotel, etc. But one business is quite popular among these and that is starting a “vacation rental website”. The big advantage of this business is that it runs online and doesn’t require big amount of money to be invested.

For that reason, several people are heavily investing in the travel business, If you also want to set up a new vacation rental business, then first you should ask a couple of questions from yourself:

  • How to begin a vacation rental business website?
  • How to demonstrate best qualities of your website?
  • How to make it successful?

Do you know the correct answers of these questions, if not, then you must focus on some important suggestions mentioned below that will make your business successful.

  • Understand the demand of customers

To successfully start a vacation rental website, you need to understand the needs of a customer. You need to anticipate what he wants and deliver services accordingly. The tourists and travelers want to cut down their stress levels by spending a nice and comfortable holiday with their loved ones. If you understand this demand and provide your services accordingly, then you can definitely win their hearts.

  • Provide the best accommodation results

As I said earlier, people want to enjoy their holidays, they don’t want to deal with non-hygienic and uncomfortable places to stay. So, you need to create a web portal that provides the best accommodation where people can really enjoy their holidays.

To provide the best accommodation results you can consider these points:

  • Think like a customer

When you think as a customer, you can anticipate his needs and desire, doing so will help you to deliver better services on your website.

  • Show important amenities upfront

You should always include the important amenities up-front, this way a customer can easily get the information about a property listing. Displaying amenities like free WiFi, swimming pool, fireplace, pet friendliness also attracts visitors, so you must show them prominently.

  • Show images and customer reviews of the property

Attractive property images, detailed description, nearby attraction and customer reviews build a trust of an accommodation listing. A user can easily decide to book the lodging by seeing the actual pictures and customer reviews.

  • Make your website eye-catching

The website design is a major factor that attracts visitors, hence it is very much required to make it appealing, so that a guest pays attention, also you should make website’s navigation user friendly to make a user go through all web pages.

  • Make the booking process convenient

Make it convenient for guest to book your property in a simple and easy way. For example, you can reduce the un-necessary steps in payment processing. It will make the whole transaction procedure fast and user will not have to wait more for booking the accommodation.

  • Mention all the rental terms and conditions

You must describe all the terms and conditions on the website so that a user can have a brief idea about your business ethics and work practices. It is better for your guest to know all terms and conditions in advance before booking your property like: –

  • Payment types you accept (credit cards, debit card, check etc.)
  • Whether pets, smoking is allowed
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Minimum night stays
  • Privacy policy & others

All these points are important in order to build a perfect vacation rental website.  But how would you do this with an affordable cost and less time? You have two options, either you can hire an agency to develop a new website or you can use a clone of a vacation rental website, such as Airbnb, 9Flats, Housetrip etc.

Developing a new website by a professional agency that fulfill all your demands with placing all the features correctly will be time consuming and might not be in your budget. Also, you must remember that website development goes through many steps and every step cost time and money.

While using a clone of vacation rental website generally satisfies your entire business requirement with the exact look and feel that you want for your website. Thus, using a clone is a preferable choice that can help you to prepare your own website in your budget within a very short span of time.

One such example of this is to use Airbnb clone which replicates complete functionalities of which is a popular vacation rental web portal. You can easily customize and modify these clones according to your business requirements. It can be easily installed on your server securely, besides seller of these clone scripts provide 24*7 support, free bug errors fixing and customer support.


It is clear now that a vacation rental website needs to be built with great intuitiveness and user friendliness. The more friendly and attractive your website is, the more people will like it, and thus you can take your online travel business to new heights.

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