Could You Live In A World Without Television?

Could You Live In A World Without Television

Many people look at television as something bad, no matter where in the world you live. Parents use it as a babysitter for their children. People get addicted to video games and spend hours or even days staring at the television screen.

Even just simple television shows become addictive as you are now able to stream them and binge watch for hours.

Before Television

Before television, what did people do? They probably found many other things to do with their time. Maybe more constructive things, and maybe not. Before TV there was radio, and the radio had serial shows that would soon cross over to TV when it was invented.

People probably spend more time outside. Maybe they read books or wrote stories. Maybe they just worked more and spend more time cleaning the house. It’s likely they found more time to be bored too. Speaking of, they probably played a lot of board games as well.

Then came the television and suddenly the world changed. You could actually see the stories instead of just hear them. People were able to watch a man walk on the moon!

However, there are still people in some parts of the world that don’t have television, or even electricity. Some people live in area where it just isn’t a choice and some make the choice not to have it because they prefer life without technology.

Since Television

When television was first invented there were only a couple channels and a few TV shows. People still didn’t spend a ton of time glued to the TV screen. Parents told children not to sit too close to the TV because it would ruin their eyes, yet they grew up seeing just fine.

Then video game systems were created. Since their humble days of being something just children would play, now they are a major activity for adults of all ages.

With television, it’s important to note that with our increasingly interconnected world, it’s easy to find the programming you want no matter where you are. With services like the Direct TV international package and others, many movies, sports programming and streaming are available to you in a variety of different countries.

People in different parts of the world, or different cultures, may chose to watch different things, and it’s important to know that not all TV watching is bad. Binge watching isn’t even bad, as long as you get up and walk around every once in a while. Sitting too much may make you fat and can cause blood clots in your legs too if done too often.

TV offers a lot of educational and informational programs too, which makes it a good thing to have around. The best thing to do for households with children is to regulate TV watching by allowing only certain shows or certain channels and have a specific amount of time they can spend in front of the TV.

Encourage video games that get children, and adults, up on their feet instead of sitting to play. TV and video games now actually offer more fitness, if you take advantage of it.

Don’t let the negative aspects of television scare you into selling your set. There are good things on it too. As depressing as the news may be, the fact that you can flip the TV on and know what is going on around the world is an amazing thing. However, it doesn’t hurt to turn your TV off once in a while and go enjoy the great outdoors.

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