Brace The Lace This Season

Brace The Lace This Season

When the fashion world gives you hints to rock your style in the most elegant way possible, you should never miss that chance. Well, thankfully, this year, fashion designers and people who shape the trends have given elegance a fair share in our seasonal sartorial affairs. For people who are fond of classy yet chic will be quite happy with what fashionistas are wearing in to keep up with their style game. Where there are crop tops and dresses on pants but when it comes to fabrics, we love all the laces making it to the limelight and red carpets.

So if these laces are making it big in the fashion scene why not keep our wardrobes for this season more lace-loving than usual. You can easily dress a laced top up or down, transition from day to night and wear it both, casually or formally. Let’s have a look at how can this lace lust be satisfied, in ways we want.

Casual Calling:

Casual Calling

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Casual is how we dress more often and that’s what makes the biggest proportion of our wardrobe. We say, wear them laces while you can because it’s not just classy, it’s super trendy too. All you need is to maintain the harmony of pretty (lace), funky (distressed denim pants, maybe) to make it look chic. Lace itself may look a bit formal. All you need to do is keep the accessorizing to minimal and let your lace top or a bohemian lace dress do the talking. If you really are playing it casual with your lace staple then it is best to avoid heels and go for flat strappy sandal or even sneakers.

Quick Tip: You don’t really have to go with an entire lace garment a bit of detailing around your sleeves or down the trim would perfectly do the trick.

Dressed up in Laces:

Dressed up in Laces

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When you need to dress to your nines and look flawlessly divine, then nothing can be as fine as your laced shine. Yes, a lace dress or a formal lace outfit can make you standout without much effort.  Lace dresses have a rather formal panache to them and they never fail to make the wearer look good. A dress with Laced details, a lace body con or fit and flare or just a laced midi dress paired with the right accessories can make you look like you are dressed to impress. Statement necklace, bracelet or earrings will make fix your laced dress look to perfection. Make sure, you wear one statement piece at a time. You can wear your strappy or pointed toe heels, along with a sequined or box clutch and you’re ready to make heads turn.

Quick Tip: Don’t just stick to a rather grim, black lace dress look in fact go for all those colors. Yes, laced staples are not just black and white; go for some funky summer colors like pink and yellows.

Keeping Style To Your Bottoms:

Keeping Style To Your Bottoms

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Well, laced garments are not just limited to tops and dresses for you can get all that in bottoms, pants, skirts and what not. You can always pair your plain tops with a laced skirt or detailed pants and just rock a pretty yet comfy look. If you don’t know how to rock pants with a bit of laced detailing then there are accessories like shoes and bags too. One lace garment or accessory can always do the trick and keep your style stock surreal.

Quick Tip: Avoid going for a lace on lace look and keep it one part. You just need to either flaunt the laces in top or keep it in the bottoms.

What lace looks do you prefer to rock this summer?

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