In Today’s Modern World, Can Men Wear Pearl Jewelry?

Pearls have long been prized for their natural beauty and shine. Celebrated as symbols of purity, humility, and harmony, these organic gemstones lend the person wearing them a sense of elegance and class. However, unlike other gemstones, pearls have in recent years been mostly associated with women. In fact, the most elegant women of the last century are credited for bringing pearls to the forefront of jewelry fashion.

Rarely have there been reports of men wearing pearls and flaunting them – until fairly recently, that is. But the beauty of pearls should not be closeted to a specific gender, and men ought to have the same freedom to wear pearls as women.

Here are some reasons why it’s perfectly okay for men to wear pearls.

In Today’s Modern World, Can Men Wear Pearl Jewelry

1. History says so.

Long before the socialites of the past century started wearing pearls to up the elegance of their ensembles, male aristocrats and leaders of time long past used pearl jewelry. Whether to decorate a crown, a scepter, or vest, pearls were used by both men and women as a status symbol. Ancient men of wealth wore them in strings to show off their riches, knights carried them in battle as a sort of amulet to protect them from harm, and ancient Rome even prohibited anyone outside of the nobility and below a certain rank from wearing pearl jewelry. Indeed, other than the recent association of pearls to female elegance, there really isn’t any reason why men should not be able to wear pearls when out and about.

2. Pearls are beautiful.

Such beauty that has been praised and celebrated throughout history should not be closeted and limited to gender. Pearls are beautiful, and this is a good enough reason to want to showcase them whether as necklace, ring adornment, cool bracelet, or savvy earring. Pearls are not limited to classic white, and they most certainly need not be feminine in style. Magnetic and dark-colored pearls are perfect for the stylish man, and are no less beautiful than pearly whites.

3. They have symbolic meaning.

Other than being known as symbols for purity and harmony, pearls are also the birthstones for June. If you’re a man born in June, then this is reason enough for you to wear pearls with a purpose.

4. They have health benefits.

Quite a lot of information has been published regarding the health benefits of certain metals and stones, and pearls are no exception. Soft water pearls, for instance, have healing qualities that provide good holistic benefits to the person wearing them. Notably, Pharrell Williams has been known to advocate the health benefits that pearls provide.

5. Pearls lend a different aura to men.

Considering the social acceptance of pearls being women gemstones, not many men nowadays may be partial to wearing pearls when out and about without fear of being labelled. However, men who do wear pearls wear them confidently, and this makes them exude a different kind of aura that sets them apart from other men – more magnetic.

It’s a good thing there’s a wide selection of pearl jewelry for sale online as there are definitely more reasons why it’s perfectly alright for men to wear pearls. These special gems are meant for everyone of all gender to enjoy, and can be worn in versatile styles to look good for both men and women.

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