Gadgets You Should Buy to Help Maintain Your Home

Gadgets You Should Buy to Help Maintain Your HomeMaintaining a home can be a difficult undertaking for the modern American working family. Many of us have been forced to work more than one job in order to get buy. This has stolen away time we would spend with our families, working on household chores, or just taking care of ourselves.

Luckily we have technology on our side to help do jobs for us. It is not always the money that is the problem, but simply not having the time to carry out our weekend chores is very commonplace. As technology advances for automated systems, we have more robots doing the work for us.

You will see several examples of these in the next few paragraphs. These inventions have made it easier to clean and maintain your home’s appearance without spending hours doing it yourself!

The Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

This is an automatic vacuum made by the company iRobot, one of the most popular brands of automatic vacuum. They are self-guided and about the size of a Frisbee. Once you turn them on, they will maneuver around corners from room to room sucking up dirt, pet dander, and everything else a typical vacuum would. Their cost range goes anywhere from $300 to $700 depending on some additional features that are offered. One of these is a wireless command center to control the vacuum from any location in your home.

This gadget is a great time saver, as it does not need to be monitored and will perform the job just as well as you can for the most part. It has a one time cost other than maintaining it and cleaning it, and this can be much cheaper than hiring a maid whom you have to pay regularly.

Litter Maid

Everyone loves pets. Unfortunately, many of us choose not to take them in because we are far too busy to take care of them and fear they might be neglected. Cats are a relatively self-reliant pet to have.  They do not need much attention and can pretty much fend for themselves. One of the biggest advantages is not needing to take them for a walk two or three times a day to let them go to the bathroom.

The downside to this is a stinky litterbox that needs to be cleaned as often as possible to avoid the smell. The Litter Maid solves this problem with its automatic cleaning feature. It uses easy clump litter and a self-scooping mechanism to keep the litter fresh for the cats to use.

Robo Mower

To step it up a notch in the world of automated gadgets, you have the Robo Mower. The Robo Mower runs on lithium-ion batteries and is fully automated after an initial setup is done. This is a self-guided lawn mower that can cut up to four different areas of your property all on its own. It can perform just as well as a push mower being able to adjust its blade height, cut on different grades, and includes safety features to prevent users and bystanders from being injured.

Mowing your lawn can be a very time-consuming activity depending on the size of your property. Even those that have only a small lawn can also benefit from this device. It is fairly low maintenance and will save you the cost of running a gas operated mower, and the time it takes in maintaining it.

Robots are already taking over doing the jobs that we used to do. Every day new inventions are coming about to replace humans. Fighting this trend may only leave you working harder and eventually your job may be taken over by a machine. Adopting these gadgets can help save you time and money.

Nick Quinlan, is a blogger who writes about various issues that crop up in day-to-day life, and loves finding high-tech solutions to these problems. Right now, there aren’t many high-tech solutions available to the consumer for cleaning your gutter, but there are service providers who employ such options, and for those in the northeast Nick recommends Aerotech. You can learn more about Nick on Google+.
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