5 Ways to Use Screen Sharing & Which Major Services to Use

5 Ways to Use Screen Sharing & Which Major Services to UseThere are many different reasons you might want to share your screen with someone. It could be for convenience in technical support, to make communicating information easier in sales or presentations, or simply to connect with your friends online in a unique way.

However, there are several different screen-sharing services, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Use this handy guide to better understand which of the five screen sharing technologies is right for each situation.

  1. The Simplest Solution

If you are looking for a way to share a computer screen with someone that is quick and easy, consider using ‘Screencast-o-Matic”. The service is browser based, so it does not require a download or installation to function. Simply navigate to the website and a code will be generated for your computer. Next, share this code with any number of people. They can use the code to access your screen and see everything that you see. This is perfect for more casual purposes.

  1. Share a Recording of Your Screen

One step up in terms of professionalism is ‘Google Plus Hangout‘. This service is made with the intention of recording the screen while it is being shared. The recording can be saved on your computer or easily uploaded to video sharing sites. Google’s program is also able to upload the recording to your Youtube channel automatically. This application also does not require downloads. If you are looking to use screen sharing for a presentation, creating a convenient copy of all the information can be very useful.

  1. Simply Create a Recording

It is worth noting that if you just want to record your screen, but do not necessarily want to share it while it is being recorded, the above service might not be the best choice. ‘Screencastify‘ is software for uses in Chrome that provide better recording options that capture your screen. You cannot use it to have multiple users at once, but it makes it easy to share the videos afterward. This method is often employed for creating video tutorials.

  1. Access Your Files From Anywhere

A different screen sharing service than all the others, ‘Chrome Remote Desktop‘ is like screen sharing in reverse. Rather than broadcasting your screen to other people, you are able to broadcast your home screen to a mobile location. While possible for several users to access it at once, its main purpose is to acquire files that you might have forgotten or not known you would need.

  1. Presentations Online

By far the most professional software is ‘Clearslide Screen Share‘. This program is made specifically for presentations and sales. It has built in tools to allow easy navigation of slideshows and demonstrations while providing a seamless experience for the audience. Additionally, it integrates webcams, drawing tools, and records presentations, which make it the best service for screen sharing in business environments.

If you are thinking about using screen-sharing technology, it is important that the service you choose matches your needs. There are many different ways to use screen sharing, but there are many options for software providers as well, so you are covered no matter what you are looking for.

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