What Your Favorite Drink Tells About You

What Your Favorite Drink Tells About You

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Have you ever thought “oh look at that guy drinking his fancy beer, he thinks so important?” Yes, I imagine nobody has ever thought of somebody else as being uptight when drinking a beer.

But if your favorite choice of refreshment is a bit different, for example, expensive wine or an exclusive cocktail, people might perceive you a bit differently.

The selection of alcoholic drinks is vast, and everyone prefers a particular type. Your choice of beer, vodka, tequila or any other drink speaks volumes about your personality.

Gin or whiskey – You Know What You Want

Clean and clear alcohol beverages are usual choice for men who play “safe” and thereby give the impression of masculine and dominant types. Women less frequently have gin or whiskey, but those who it them are usually loud, dominant and confident.

Beer reveals Eelaxation, But Also Routine

Beer is a typical “boy next door” type of person choice. If you prefer beer, you probably feel good about yourself, you like routine and you don’t take life too seriously. Men drink beer much more often than women. Those who order foreign beers usually have a more sophisticated taste. Women who drink beer are seen as relaxed, confident and they create a likeable image.

Piña Colada, Chocolate Liqueur or Rum

These sophisticated, sweet drinks are often the choice of women. Women who drink these beverages probably prefer a sweet-tasting perfume on men, like Paco Rabanne One Million and their approach to life is relaxed and spontaneous. Men who prefer these drinks are thoughtful, organized and have excellent self-control.

Martini or Mojito

These drinks are the choice of people who like to have fun, dance and socialize. Men who drink mojitos and martinis give an impression of respected and successful people, although they are usually a little bit uncertain. Unless of course, they are James Bond, that guy could pull of anything while drinking a martini. Women on the other hand, sometimes give away a feeling that they like to be in the center of attention.

Tequila, Absinthe or Jagermeister 

These spirits are a bit old-fashioned, but still very popular. They reveal that you are not an overly demanding person and you do not need much to have a good time. You are what you are and you want to be appreciated just because of that. Women who enjoy these drinks are usually friendly and they are often unhappy with their love life, because they tend to have too high expectations.

Fruit Cocktails

It always seemed to me that those who prefer fruit cocktails have only one motto: “ I’ll do anything to avoid boredom”. Men who drink cocktails are usually quite shallow, immature and self-centered. They often change partners. The most important thing for women who drink cocktails is how they look and what impression they leave, and they are mostly quite insecure.


People who prefer vodka tend to be perceived as having a strong character, as not everybody can drink vodka properly. It’s a strong drink that demands a strong personality to pull it off properly.

Wine For Earthy and Passionate

Another very common favorite drink is wine, in all of its forms and combinations. Men who drink wine are aware, have realistic goals, and they are not interested in short love affairs. They want passionate and deep connection. Women who drink wine know how to have fun, but they still keep control and do not fall easily under the influence.

After reading this I believe you’ll start to take more care of what you drink, because you know how they say: “You are what you eat” but it’s also true that “You are what you drink.”

John Stone

John Stone

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