Top Green-Energy Technologies of 2014

Top Green-Energy Technologies of 2014Green Energy constitutes those technologies & resources of renewable energy that give the highest benefit and cleanest energy that is free of negative environmental impact.

This is the kind of power or electricity that is derived from resources such as solar, biogas, geothermal and the wind. Indeed the world is fast moving to embrace green energy thanks to revolutionary technologies in this sector.

Things were not different in 2014, a year when green energy was the talk as even more and more people made the right choice to adopt green energy.

Here now are the top green energy technologies that dominated the year 2014;

Solar Energy

Solar panels maintained the trend of becoming increasingly less expensive through 2014 as more technologies emerged with high potential to scale up production of the panels. Solar energy is envisioned to become much cheaper in comparison to conventional power in many parts of the world where the use of solar is beginning to make sense to many households and businesses. The other bright side of solar energy is the potential to create thousands to millions of jobs worldwide, which can all be sustained thanks to the unending nature of human power consumption.

Wind Energy

Wind energy technologies equally continued to reign popular through 2014, largely because of its pollution free effects. Wind is very affordable, and comes nowhere close to sources of energy such as coal whose environmental impact can be very devastating. Thousands of turbines went up in 2014, and thousands more households joined the ‘wind grid’. In certain months, wind energy is known to produce more than six percent of America’s electricity, and experts are predicting that this will increase significantly in the near future.

This is especially looking at the kind of wind power technologies that keep coming to the market every other year. A wind turbine is the primary equipment that is used to harness wind energy. The turbine’s blades are moved by the wind, and the resultant energy is transferred to a generator via a central hub. The generator then converts the energy into electrical power that is eventually taken to the power grid.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is derived from hot water and steam within reservoirs beneath the surface of the earth. While geothermal energy has tremendous potential to produce lots of electricity, it’s least explored in many parts of the world. But 2014 showed positive trends as geothermal power technologies continued to evolve.

Countries like Kenya in the East African region commissioned mega high tech geothermal power stations and the impact was immediately felt as the monthly electricity bills reduced considerably for many households as well as businesses. The government is now focused on ensuring that all geothermal power resources are fully utilized.

Biogas Energy

Biogas was also a top green energy trend across 2014. This form of green energy is derived from the freely available manure from animals and is considered one of the smartest sources of energy. Biogas technologies were popular in 2014 particularly because its production allows farmers to produce electricity by themselves while eliminating the effects of global warming that are partly caused by the very waste from animals.

Biogas is produced when manure decomposes in the absence of oxygen to produce a gas mixture with a methane component of 60-70 percent. The gas mixture is then used to generate electricity while the leftover manure (digested) can be used as mulch or even fertilizer.


Like many years before, 2014 was no different when it came to green energy technologies. A lot of research continues to go into green energy technologies with a view to coming up with the best technologies that will see the entire world move to green energy. While most of these technologies may still be in their formative stages with many companies directing heavy resources to innovation, there is no doubt that the future world will consume green energy not just as an alternative but as a default form of energy. The ultimate benefit of green energy lies in the fact that it is affordable and very clean.

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