4 Fracture Proofing Tips

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4 Fracture Proofing Tips

Broken bones hurt harder than a broken heart –literally! And while some fractures caused by a mere bump or the age factor may be inevitable, there’s still a lot that can be done on a collective and personal level to avoid them.

All you need to do is tailor your surrounds, your lifestyle and your habits accordingly. Read on!

Make your space ‘fall proof’

It starts with the basics! Many people just don’t do a very good job at it or simply ignore this point altogether, but a very crucial part of fracture prevention revolves around making your interior space fracture proof and a lot safer in general. Here’s what you could do.

  • Clean up clutter: clothes, boxes, furniture here and there and make walking around hurdle-free.
  • Avoid floor furnishing that are a bit too slippery, or simply put down carpets to prevent an unnecessary skating fiasco.
  • Get all those wires, cords and throw rugs out of the way.
  • Install railings along staircases and in the bathroom.
  • Use a rubber matt in places that get too wet – bathroom falls can get rather messy!
  • Lighten up your interior properly so that it’s easy to see especially for oldies going partially blind.

Don’t take health conditions lightly.

Many chronic conditions tend to become more of a nuisance as time goes by. And believe it or not… oldies become more fracture prone owing to deteriorating physical strength, dizziness and even by going partially blind.

The difficult part however is the fact that you might not even realize how dangerous your situation is because chronic conditions unravel at their own pace. That’s why it is very important to have regular check-ups.

If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, hyperthyroidism, chronic and infectious lung and liver diseases and maybe even cancer, consult a doctor and ask whether any of these conditions increase your chances of falling. If yes, take necessary steps to overcome the potential reason. The last thing any aged person would want (with a chronic disease) is a broken hip!

Know your medicines.

Not all, but medicines tend to have side-effects such as dizziness and lack of body coordination; and they might just lead you to falling down. It’s worse in older ages because by then you’re probably relying on half a dozen pills per doze to stay fit!

Medication that commonly cause dizziness and coordination include, sleeping pills, sedatives, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants and pills responsible for reducing blood pressure. In addition, there are medicines that also increase the risk of osteoporosis increasing the chances of yours bones snapping.

Avoiding medication to treat chronic conditions is completely out of the question, but it is important to seek proper council from you doctor to see which pills can be avoided to reduce your chances of taking a tilt.

Stay healthy.

Believe it or not but staying fit and adopting a healthy lifestyle can lessen the risk of bone breakage.

Keeping physically fit sharpens your reflexes and strengthens your muscles. This helps you to maintain your balance and avoid taking a bone breaking fall as opposed to someone who’s lethargic. Exercising itself also has a direct impact on the strength of your bones making them resistant to breakage. Though if you have weak bones due to a medical condition, consult your doctor before jumping into a physical fitness routine.

Another way to strengthen your bones and prevent them from snapping is of course by improving your diet. Most dairy products are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, both of which are essential for bone development and strength. And healthy bones break less frequently.

Walk carefully.

This probably has to be the silliest bit ever… but its true: most falls and fractures occur because people don’t see where they’re landing their feet! Now the oldies have an excuse, but the rest DON’T! Walk with your eyes wide open and be extra careful of you’re on heels… and don’t even think of running on slippery surfaces barefooted!

Any fracture – big or small – warrants urgent attention. Most of these tips are easy to check-off of your ignore list and will even require you to put in more effort from your end. But you’re better off taking precaution right now before you end up with a cast autographed with smiley faces telling you to ‘get well soon!’

Arsalan Ahmed is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. Follow @arsalanahmedk for more updates.

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