How to Impress a Woman and Remain Attractive During a Relationship

How to Impress a Woman and Remain Attractive During a RelationshipIn plenty of movies, you see guys trying to impress their women by buying flowers, taking them in luxurious cars, spending plenty of money on dates, trying to be very “romantic”, and so on. These guys often do this with girls they hardly know.

In spite of what Hollywood is trying to teach you, impressing women isn’t done by bribing the girl to like you, nor by giving her outrageous compliments. It will only make you seem totally needy and desperate.
So what should you do to really impress a girl and to make her charmed by you?

Strong and Confident

As I began, spending money to impress a girl is rarely going to work. In fact, it will work sometimes, but the girls who will like you for this, will be the ones who’ll stay for your money, and only for your money.

Let me tell about the first, probably most important thing that attracts women to men: this is confidence. Women, in their nature, are attracted to strong and confident guys. There are plenty of reasons for that, but what really matters now is that you need to build confidence in order to attract women.

There are plenty of explanations and examples for confident behavior. It begins with you tone of voice and body language, and ends up with how you treat and act around women.

Do you change your behavior around women, in an attempt to be seen as a nice guy? Well, this nice guy syndrome is the opposite of attractive.
When you see a woman – remain with the same confident, masculine behavior as you always have. Don’t treat women in a special way, talk to her like you talk to everybody else, and allow yourself to say whatever you feel – including teasing her a bit. That will be your first step to impressing her.

Social Skills and Leaderships

So I mentioned the big role of confidence in building attraction. But confidence is not the only masculine trait that attracts women. There is more of them.

Let’s talk about social skills. Have you seen how women react when they see a celebrity near them? Many girls can get totally crazy. A girl can be a fan of some guy she’s never met, simply because many other people know him. That’s the power of what is called “social proof”.

Women are strongly attracted to men who are good in talking to others. Who are natural leaders and are always surrounded by other people.
When a girl sees you talking to people, being the center of attention, even when you just mention the fact that you have many friends – that immediately attracts her. Women find it extremely impressive.

If you’re in a club or some event, be seen talking to many different people, and every woman would want to meet you. If you’re on date talking to a girl, simply add your; social skills into your stories.

Yes, literally, mention the fact that you have many friends, that you love meeting new people, that you’re good in managing social circles. Remember – it’s extremely impressive to women.

Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Another behavior that you can use to impress women, is related both to confidence and to a good sense of humor.
Said simple – don’t take yourself too seriously. A common thing for guys to do, is to never mention anything negative about themselves. A guy on a first date often sound like the most successful, intelligent and rich man on earth.

However, the truth is that in order to attract women, you should completely the opposite. Women actually love guys who are a bit sensitive. They feel that when a guy reveals his weakness, it makes him even more attractive.

You can also use a type of humor called “self-deprecating” humor, which means that you laugh at yourself. I often tell girls – “I’m so stupid. I can’t understand why you’re talking to me.” – And guess what? Women love that.

What Else is Impressive?

There are many other traits and ways of talking and acting that impress women. But let’s go back to the start of this post.

Most guys try to spend money on women, to flatter and over-compliment them; They try to convince women to like them.

Eventually, most women want to fall in love – and this love can often be an impossible love.

But none of this is really impressive. What women really find impressive are masculine, confident and “being-themselves” guys. So stop thinking about impressing her. Just be a man and learn how to attract and talk to women.

Sarah Williams is a lifestyle writer specializing in men’s dating advice. Her mission is to help busy men of all ages create a sexier, stronger, body and mind, and find true fulfillment in social interactions. Connect with Sarah at Wingman Magazine

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  1. Bellaisa says:

    While money is not important, you better not cheap out every date. I’ve had guys ‘forget their wallet’ or not want to spend too much money, and made things awkward and limited what we could do. If you don’t have a lot of money, that’s cool – but being cheap isn’t!

  2. Lee Lanz says:

    This is a great article!

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