Create a Secure PDF Document from Any Printable File

There is a lot of talk about security on the Internet. Though we like the fact that this medium lets us promote ourselves and our business freely, and helps us quickly share information with the world, we are also worried about keeping unwanted information from leaking out and falling into wrong hands. That is why security measures are constantly being improved on the web. One of the measures that’s been tested and proven very helpful when it comes to sending and sharing electronic business documents and confidential data is a secure PDF.

Protecting PDF content is a common practice in the business world. Companies and professionals who work with business documents a lot usually rely on one powerful PDF software for all their daily PDF-related activities, including securing PDFs, and one such tool is Able2Extract PDF Converter. Able2Extract has been around for a while, but now is a good time to remind users about it, because a new version of the software has just been released with the all-new function of creating and securing PDFs.

Able2Extracts ranks highly among users because of its very simple commands. Here’s a short guide on how to quickly and reliably create and protect PDF documents using this software:

You can install Able2Extract on your computer regardless of which operating system you use. It is created for the major OS platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once the software interface appears, you’ll see the very straightforward commands:


A PDF file can be created in only two quick steps. First click on the Create button:


Then browse your folders for the file you wish to protect and double-click on it. A PDF will be created from this file in only a few seconds.

You can also create PDF without opening Able2Extract application. Here’s how:

Directly open the document you want to convert to PDF.

Click on the Print tab, and then choose Able2Extract from the list of available virtual printers.


Click Print above the Printer options and your document will be converted to PDF.

Now, to secure it, go to:


Then click on Security option and check the Secure PDF box:


Finally, choose a password for the User and the Owner of the PDF, and this will let you set file permissions to your document:


If you want your file only to be seen but not printed, copied or modified, this is a great way to control these uses of your PDF and have a sense of security when sharing it with others.

Able2Extract offers many more features, aside from creating and securing PDFs. To check out its wide range of conversion options, download the free trial version from the website and use it for free for one week.

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