5 Ways that Unified Communications is Changing the Workforce

Ready or not, here comes unified communications! Whether your company is prepared for this change or still hanging onto old forms of communication, UC systems are quickly taking over the workplace. Since its introduction, this tool has already made a big splash in companies across many industries and because of the many benefits that it offers, it’s not fading anytime soon. As more studies come out encouraging businesses to offer flexible schedules and work-from-home opportunities, UC systems are becoming a necessity for helping operations continue to run smoothly regardless of employees’ locations. Along with more mobility comes increased efficiency as employees have the proper tools to make informed business decisions wherever they may be.

On the flip side, unified communications also offers simplified billing for business leaders. This allows both managers and employees to focus on more important operations to help the company grow as a whole. Cloud-based UC also lowers the total cost of ownership for companies, as they do not need to purchase additional hardware as they grow. As a whole, cloud-based communication tools are changing the workplace for the better. Check out the infographic below for more ways that unified communications may impact a workplace near you:

5 Ways that Unified Communications is Changing the Workforce

Graphic provided by ShoreTel

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