3M ePrivacy Filter Software {Review}

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Technology has evolved and so the people also got better way of lifestyle to live and enjoy their life freely, and the way they want to be. But in this fast moving tech world there is also some negative effects too, we have gadgets like mobile, laptops or a monitor. This increase in privacy issue. For example: working on laptop or doing online transactions and you don’t wish to reveal the screen at the moment you doing any confidential work. So if someone able to see your work and get to know about you information then what you do?? Answer is simple No, yes you cant do anything to solve this problem.

So now time has come to say goodbye to all your privacy problems. 3M has come up with an most innovative and awesome software that able to solve all your privacy issue, so you can work worry-free on your laptop or on your desktop.

3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

Stay Secure with 3M ePrivacy Filter

By using your computer webcam 3M ePrivacy Filter Software recognizes the user’s face through facial recognition software. The software is designed in the way that only registered users able to view the screen and can work worry-free without any privacy concern.

3M ePrivacy Filter Software continuously tracks the activities happening around your room and if someone comes in front of your screen, it detects and user is alerted with a pop-up of intruders face.

Software tracks your every moves, it blurred the screen if you are looking elsewhere or talking to any person. All this happen automatically you don’t hav eto worry about your privacy issue now.

Main problem this 3M ePrivacy Filter Software solve is when you left off your screen for a minute, then this is a perfect opportunity for anyone to look and read your screen. Thats’s why  3M ePrivacy Filter Software blurred the screen to protect your information from others. Only authorized users can unlock the screen and get back to work. Isn’t that great?

Features of the 3M ePrivacy Filter

  • Intelligent facial recognition technology that identifies the software’s owner and only reveals the screen for that individual via webcam
  • Intrusion detection tool that detects over-the-shoulder snoopers and alerts the user with a pop-up image of the intruder’s face
  • Walk-away privacy feature that blurs the device screen when the user looks or steps away from the screen but instantly reveals the screen upon return, allowing for a seamless transition from protection to usability
  • Customizable privacy settings and various intuitive presets that allow users to achieve the optimal level of visual privacy for their specific wants and needs

Learn more about 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software

3M ePrivacy Filter is software works with Windows OS only and not compatible with Mac OS. To get the best software experience please use HD webcams such as Mircosoft Lifecam or Logitech HD webcam. You will get greater depth of field and the software works like a charm.

3M ePrivacy Filter Software comes in both Professional and Enterprise editions. You can also upgrade to access additional features such as audit capability, central deployment & management settings.


Windows® XP or higher and a webcam. Not compatible with Mac OS.


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  1. Syed Mohammed Ameen says:

    In the present day high tech digital scenario, there may be instances when unauthorised persons would try to peep into your screen to ascertain what data or information you are handling on your device…

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