Cheap and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home Security This Holiday Season

Cheap and Easy Ways to Increase Your Home Security This Holiday SeasonWe all want to protect our homes, the people in it and our valuables. A monthly home security system can cost a pretty penny these days but don’t worry, there are several ways to make your home less appealing to thieves all while keeping a budget in mind.

With Christmas coming up, many of us going on holiday or visiting relatives….there is no better time than now to get everything in place for you and your families peace of mind.

Lock the doors and windows

Do you lock up every time that you go out and leave your home including your windows? Yes it is true that a skilled burglar can get past the best of locks, but most burglars are your average opportunist thieves who will look for a window or door that has been left unlocked. How much could it end up costing you leaving something as simple as a window or door unlocked?

A clean garden makes a great deterrent

How clean is your garden? Would it provide cover for an intruder? Keeping shrubbery, bushes and even the grass trimmed and maintained will deny burglars being able to work unseen.

 Leave a light on when you’re away from home

It’s always a good idea to leave a light or two on when you go out, an occupied home is more than likely is more than likely to have lighting on in several rooms. A safe bet would be to leave 2 or more lights on when you’re not at home.

If you’re away for a few days another good idea would to be to invest in some cheap timers so the lights go on and off at different points during the day.

Dummy cameras may be more valuable than you think

By now everyone has seen these fake dummy cameras being sold weather it’s online or in a local shop. You might look at them and think they are just a good gag item but they can be more valuable than you think. Even some of the cheap dummy cameras have the look and act like real cameras.

Today’s home security industry boasts of a variety of products that homeowners can choose from to build a system that is reliable and functional for their home. Options range from camera surveillance, to a phone activated automation system, to a collection of alarms and monitors, making your choices endless. Consumers has numerous home security reviews that can help you decide the best option.

Some will actually move back and forth, some have flashing red lights and even some will have motion detectors with a built in light that will come on when someone is near.

Outdoor lights aren’t just handy for being out in the garden at night.

Outdoor lighting is a great deterrent and should be a part of any budget home security system. Motion-sensor lighting is ideal and should be put near garages, front and back gardens and near any doors that go into the house.

Motion-sensor lights become activated when any type of motion is detected in its field of view, a pitch black spot will instantly be illuminated not only startling an intruder but providing an alert for the homeowner and neighbours.

We hope these simple suggestions have helped you increase your home security and give you peace of mind, remember the holidays are all about enjoyment and once you know that your home is safe then you can sleep easier.

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