7 Biggest Leather Furniture Myths, Busted

7 Biggest Leather Myths

Leather has been a popular upholstery choice throughout the years. Due to its functionality, comfortability and timeless design, it has captivated the market and consistently stayed in style. However, some buyers still have second thoughts when buying a piece of leather furniture because of surrounding misconceptions.

Here are 7 common myths about leather furniture and the truths behind these misconceptions.

Myth 1: Leather furniture is only for the rich.

Fact: While leather instantly adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any space, it doesn’t mean that only the rich can enjoy it. It may be pricey upon initial payment, but leather furniture eventually allows the owner to save money in the long run. Leather furniture ages well, which means that it doesn’t need to be replaced after a few years.

Myth 2: Leather furniture is to hard to maintain.

Fact: “Leather is a premium material that will last a lifetime if properly cared for.” This line is often heard or read when coming across leather maintenance tips. But this is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, leather care is easier to provide than people realize. Leather can be properly cared for by keeping it away from direct and indirect heat, wiping up spills as they occur, and avoiding harsh cleaning supplies such as detergents and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Myth 3: Leather shouldn’t get wet.

Fact: On the contrary, leather needs to be hydrated just like skin. Humidity keeps the leather soft and supple. Hardened leather isn’t the result of getting wet but rather improper dyeing. To hydrate leather, wipe it with a clean moist cloth and distilled water once a week. Remember to use pure water only when cleaning your leather furniture.

Myth 4: Leather furniture is too sensitive.

Fact: Leather is the best upholstery for holding up to children and pets because it stretches and returns to its normal state. Unless the cat thinks that the couch is a scratching post, leather furniture is as safe as any other furniture at home. For a more peaceful mind, purchase leather that has an extra finish applied to it.

Myth 5: Leather furniture isn’t a sound investment.

Fact: As mentioned earlier, leather furniture may seem expensive upon initial purchase but is actually cheaper in the long run. Leather is durable and can potentially last a lifetime if given attention. Unlike its fabric counterparts, leather furniture like leather club chairs also grow in beauty as years go by.

Myth 6: Leather stains.

Fact: Quality leather doesn’t permanently stain. A spill or a stain on the leather chair just needs a good wipe following the spill. Leather “stains” also wear away over time, just like stains on skin. A tip is to purchase more resilient leather with an extra protective finish.

Myth 7: Leather is uncomfortable during peak seasons.

Fact: Leather car seats do get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. But this is only applicable for car seats. Leather home furniture is different as it adjusts to the temperature of the environment. Leather stays pleasant on the skin whether in cold or hot months.

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Angie Cole

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